Everyone’s An Addict

Do you know what I learned about addicts over the years? They are immersed in their experiences to the exclusion of everyone else.

Everyone else is a prop.

Everyone has a wagon in their mind.

Addiction is natural animal behavior – repeat repeat repeat.

When is religion too much? Ask a factory worker. How many addicts work in factories?

I meant when is repetition too much.

Is discipline addictive?

There’s discipline in no discipline. It takes focus and effort to throw everything in the ‘follow the wind’ bin.

Just follow the wind at every start and stop and twist and turn and hurricane tornado calm before something bad happens.

I moved the furniture today this early morning. I move my stuff around a lot – for greater convenience productivity aesthetic value. It helps my work not to stay stagnant.

I have five work stations in my 700 square foot apartment. Two actively used computers for my use only. I don’t have to reach far when a thought demands to be written. The bathroom is off limits. No work goes on there.

I remember Oprah once bragging about talking on the phone when sitting on the toilet. To me that’s perverse and disrespectful. Wait till you’re done. Some years later I realized that fat people spend an inordinate amount of time on the toilet emptying what they ate and they eat a lot. And often. Imagine the work involved on the other end in order to stay as fat as required to create that work load.

Three animals live here – two humans and one canine – and I involve their personalities in every move I make in this little castle near the lake.

That’s called consideration and respect.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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