The Drinking Terrorist

People in the USA government think that people who don’t drink are terrorists. I don’t know if that stems from the 9-11 Attacks Against Israel via America or if that particular prejudice was operating prior to 9-11.

Muslims characteristically don’t consume alcohol, or at least those who become radicalized don’t. I wonder if on the night before they are scheduled to martyr themselves, when they purportedly go to a bar and consume alcohol and women, if that was the first time. If not, then some paradigms need another look.

The generalized prejudice against anyone, Muslim or not, who doesn’t drink is that they’re a terrorist. It’s the one factor among many that stands out and for whatever reason became the motivating variable that automatically moves one into the person of interest category, if that person has in some way for whatever benign or sinister reason come to the proper department’s attention.

Tell someone you wet the bed when you were young and they automatically put you into the serial killer category. Someone once said that out of all the distinguishing characteristics of serial killers that’s the one they all had in common. All? Are you sure? All doesn’t seem to fit when referencing groups or characteristics. Maybe most, maybe many. Who knows, except the scientists who interpret the statistics using formulas and equations.

You can be sure though that out of the many adults who wet the bed when they were children, the percentage who went on to become serial killers is statistically insignificant.

That’s an example of how statistics when made public discriminate against people, when only half of the stats are given.

I consume alcohol, but I’m not caring much about it anymore. I wonder if I stop drinking long term, not just because there’s a pandemic, if that will put me back into the person of interest category, whereby government forces will use that as a reason to become more invasive in their surveillance and manipulation of my life?

I wonder if some alcohol, drug and/or sex addicted congressperson will get paranoid and sound the 9-11 alarm, because they don’t like my views or because I have the audacity to criticize Jews on their terrorist ideologies? Or any other group whose ideologies and/or membership I won’t pledge allegiance to.

Good strategy though for the alcohol, tobacco and gun lobby to make people afraid not to drink to keep from being labeled and pursued as a person of interest – terrorist in other words.

With all the addicted people in the country and the damage to families and society it does, why encourage people to drink using fear tactics?

Profits are down.

Ever hear of a drinking terrorist? If anyone knows how to terrorize it’s a raging alcohol addict.

Hallowed be thy name.

Once again, you’re targeting all the wrong people.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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