As always, law enforcement and terrorism agencies/bureaus look for terrorists in all the wrong places due to political influencers, past history and their own personal prejudices. They pay more attention and spend more time watching trolls on social media than they do looking for real terrorists.

If they took appropriate measures to prevent political coups by foreign investors with foot soldiers already on American soil with many more on the way, dressed to blend in with children in strollers, then organized grassroots vigilantes won’t feel compelled to save their nation, because FBI and Homeland Security are too reticent to stand up for the institutions and the people they are sworn to protect.

Since when is it the USAs job to protect the right of Jews to seek, using any means necessary, a Jewish majority in Palestine or anywhere else in the world? Since when is it the USAs job to feed Black Americans, the skin of White Americans to appease their insatiable thirst for blood, power and war?

Where’s the CIA in Central America? Why do USA citizens have to pay out four billion dollars from the taxes they pay for USA public services to make Central Americans stay home? Those individuals rushing to the border won’t get any of that money. It’s a pay off to Central American politicians, just like the cartels do. Now we do it.

How many USA politicians get paid by the USA cartels to turn a blind eye? Nancy Pelosi? She supports the cartels, as long as they torture and kill their own – keep it in the family in other words. Sounds like Mafia-based appeasement to me. And those supposedly walking north to join up with the USA cartels; it’s okay for the cartels to torture and kill them too? Watch what you say. Trump never did have a monopoly on ‘not thinking through the words before he spoke them’, as the democrats kept insisting he did.

Mitch McConnell? Who is he protecting in this USA drug war to monopolize the up and coming drug growing and distribution in the USA? Are we already growing poppies to make heroin and coca to make cocaine?

Why does Joe Biden recklessly pay politicians in Central America, yet won’t give the real citizens of the USA the coronacovid stimulus checks he promised? Now he wants to negotiate the stimulus checks. I didn’t see him negotiating with Central American Cartels. Or was that already done before the CIA got him elected president? Now there’s a coup for you. The CIA stages a silent a coup in its own country? Who would believe that? Jews in Palestine would believe it.

Sounds like extortion to me. Is everybody sleeping? You’re more worried about somebody criticizing Jews for enslaving Palestinians on Palestinian land, than someone blowing up the USA southern border to open the flood gates for cartel workers looking for employment in the USA?

How many more cartels are you going to allow to exist in the USA? Do they bring all their equipment with them when they cross the border? You know, all their seeds, fertilizer, packing materials? No? Then from whom do they buy their equipment once they’re here? Central Americans aren’t fleeing away from the cartels in Central America; they’re fleeing to the cartels in the USA.

Do your job and stop giving Antifa and Black Lives Terrorists full reign to destroy American towns and cities, and those grassroots vigilantes that you smear with white supremacist labels will work with you, instead of alone, to save this nation from dropping into the hands of terrorists dressed like people going to a ball game with children in tow.

I know, I know, the Jews who are conveniently placed in all influential USA institutions won’t allow a shift in focus away from their Jewish majority agenda, that is quickly spreading worldwide by the way. Once again, nobody sees it, even though the proof is right in front of them.

You’re way off the mark. We’ve already been hit.

Hey, figure it out. I can’t handle your Jew Junk today, so steer clear. I’m operating from a fully invaded coronacovid organism, and I’m not in the mood for your feigned stupidity.

Work and work fast.

Antifa, Antifa supporters, those who hate Trump supporters, Black Lives Terrorists who have yet to condemn violence against white people, and violent actions prior to, during and after their so-called peaceful protests, including the Obamas, are inciting THE WHITE RISING.

You lost sight of the fact, that white people are the minority worldwide and are often referred to by non-white peoples as the Satan.

Does anybody even read what Africans from Africa say on social media about white people? Or are they only looking for people who speak the word Jew? Anyone who says the word Jew is anti-Semitic? And they need to be punished by you? Whoa. Whoa. You sure got taken for a Jew ride.

Just as black and brown people want to preserve their identity and often take violent measures to secure it, the same will be true for white people, whose identities the blacks and browns want to eliminate – just as the Jews are eliminating the identity of the Palestinian people. It’s being done as I write; it’s been on-going for decades and nobody saw it.

  • Everybody needs to stop using the word Zionist. Why use a word that 99% of the world or more, doesn’t know what it means?
  • That’s a ‘tell’.
  • Nobody differentiates between blacks, browns, whites within the group, except to call out white supremacists, so how about whoever these Zionists are, we call them Jew supremacists? I think that should work for the people who insist on fostering the existence of elitist groups.
  • So now we’ve got white, black, brown and Jew supremacists. See? Now the Jews will make of this that I just gave them the added classification of race, which they’ve coveted for a very long time. Should I have done that?
  • I didn’t. They did. Do I agree that they’re a race? No. They spread their seeds into every human group, nation, country, territory, area, island on earth (and maybe some non-humans), so there are half and third and quarter Jews all over the planet – in all races, in all ethnicities, so no, they can’t be called a race. They are in races, like the coronacovid virus is in me. That does not make me a virus.

Those race-erasing actions are already well underway in the USA against all white people and for some blind-sided reason, members of law enforcement and anti-terrorism and counter-terrorism entities who seek terrorists are looking to the victims of terrorism as their targets.


When the world treats black and brown supremacy the same as white supremacy, then the world will be on the right track and future moves to educate sensitivity for all races will flow naturally from equal treatment.

Revenge creates more revenge. So far, the social engineers have not been operating on the front lines, where they should be. They don’t want to get hurt. That’s all about to change. They got it all wrong when they started controlling people’s moods from behind the scenes and actually fed human beings to other human beings for appeasement purposes.

It created a feeding frenzy that is now out of control. Reigning in white people has never worked long term, because when blacks and browns are fed white skins, eventually they come back to demand more.

Revenge racism creates more racism. It validates it.


If white supremacists are terrorists, then black and brown supremacists are terrorists.

If black is beautiful, then so are white and brown beautiful.

If blacks can raise their fists as a symbol of black power, then so can whites and browns raise their fists as their symbols of white and brown power.

By allowing one to do it, and not the other creates the prejudice which leads to the discrimination.

Remember, the blacks have the upper hand with the fist. Their fist is a symbol of violence. Blacks often and freely use their fists against women, children, each other, against whites and browns. The black fist has nothing to do with racial injustice. It’s a symbol of how they fight. They don’t fight with conciliatory or cooperating words used to open doors; they fight with might – both words and fists are violent. They believe people must die for change to happen. People must suffer. They are full of the fight.

Societies can’t keep changing to adjust to immoral behavior, so as not to be attacked. Eventually people must take a stand against corruption in all cultures.

That will happen, and unlike the black ideology, it won’t take another world war to accomplish what each individual has right now in their possession to make it happen in their private and public lives.

Each individual already has the tools. They will use them. They will also know when someone behind the scenes is forcing their social engineering strategies into their minds and will automatically block the incoming messages when designed to control by psychological paralysis, rather than facilitate one’s right to survive and thrive, without picking one group over another.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef

Chef Davies-Tight™. The Animal-Free Chef™. ANIMAL-FREE SOUS-CHEF™. FAT-FREE CHEF™. Word Warrior Davies-Tight™. HAPPY WHITE HORSE™. SHARON ON THE NEWS™. BIRTH OF A SEED™. Till now and forever © Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, Artist, Author, Animal-Free Chef, Activist. ARCHITECT of 5 PRINCIPLES TO A BETTER LIFE™ & MAINSTREAM ANIMAL-FREE CUISINE™.

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