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Mon, Feb 1 at 11:03 AM


I’m not going to burn your olive tree farm village town city down if you don’t do what I tell you to do, all the while screaming for you to see me.

I’m not going to hire recruit HIRED GUNS to terrorize communities and a nation and the world and call myself and my actions nonviolent, because I consider those actions justifiable when not done by me personally.

Everybody already saw you and most didn’t like what they saw, so rather than force you to change, they chose the nonviolent route of turning the other cheek so they wouldn’t have to visually endure your barbarism.

I’m not going to demand of you what I don’t demand of myself. I suggest you follow what you preach to be the example of purity that you demand in others.

Compassion doesn’t mean allowing certain groups to commit harmful acts against other individuals and groups with impunity.

So you don’t like rules, but you like making rules for everyone around you.

Hypocrisy in these uncertain times has become the rule rather than the exception. Nobody sees it in themselves, because they see themselves as right and their harmful actions against you as justifiably correct.

You hurt them so they hurt you.

Usually the ones who get hurt in any war are the ones who had nothing to do with the harmful actions on either side and had no power to change them.

They’re the nobodies both sides enlist to fight their wars rather than settle disputes before they get too large to settle with already too many entities on either side hurting and dictating terms out of anger, frustration and greed.

Garnering world support for punitive actions signals impending world war.

Garnering world support for cooperative actions signals impending peace, which includes everyone equally.

Leaving no child behind or adult behind or person behind always leaves somebody behind. That’s how the term ‘falling through the cracks’ came into being. Too many rules made after the main goal is agreed on in theory, spoils the plan practically into nonexistence is the path of least resistance that leads nowhere.

At my late stage in life I have yet to witness a drive anywhere in the world for PeaceWithoutSacrifice.

So you don’t like rules. Nobody does unless the rules benefit themselves. Historically that meant too many received no benefit or less benefit when those with louder voices made the most noise.

CORONACOVID the new invisible enemy.

The individual and collective DNA both physical and mental is changing at rapid speed in all animals in which CORONACOVID survives and thrives long enough to set those processes in motion, which makes CORONACOVID an activating agent.

And all animals or processes who and that transmit CORONACOVID, like a bee pollenating the pistil of the stigma, become spreading agents, whether individuals or groups recognize it or not. Recognition is not a prerequisite for altering an organism that survives the CORRECTION.

If the spreading animal is not successful, the wind, either natural or manufactured (as in air circulating systems) will complete the job.

I now have intimate experience and unfolding knowledge of this coronacovid 2019/20/21 virus and all its intricacies. It now exists in every cell of my 159 pound 5 foot 8 inch body.

It no longer matters if you like the rules. The universe gave you sufficient time to change yourself for the betterment of all, while you dragged your feet and pounded your fists, as predicted, demanding a sweeter deal for yourself. In return for what?

The universe moved right through you as if you weren’t there. It doesn’t care if you catch up or not. Slackers have no value in a changing world. You’re probably on the ‘slated for extinction’ list anyway.

The universe doesn’t wait for stubborn.

The universe isn’t big on color either in case you never looked at it. Color doesn’t matter. I never saw black or brown in a rainbow. Even rainbows don’t matter. What do rainbows contribute to progress?There are a lot of shades of white, cream and gray out there. Those aren’t colors to black Africans, but that’s what most of the universe looks like.

Night and day don’t have colors either.

God doesn’t differentiate animals by their color, like the Africans do to themselves trying to get noticed. In all the screaming and burning of cities and people over the black animal mattering, nothing was offered in the way of skills that would contribute to the change they scream the world needs. Peace is a skill by the way that the black animal screaming for recognition doesn’t possess.

They proposed that white people do the work of peace – as they historically and traditionally always have – after they terrorize and beat them into submission until they conform to the black African way.

NO REVENGE. NO PEACE is their motto. What century are they living in? That’s a war plan based on barbarism. Falsely accusing people of crimes they didn’t commit, then conducting street trials sentencing them to suffer by taking their livelihoods and businesses from them, then banishing them from the marketplace to leave their families destitute. That’s the black African way.

That continues to be their offer and they are in the process of destroying white lives to use as their tools, since they don’t have anything to offer of themselves.

God rejected that offer and no counter proposals were made that would move the planet forward in a rapid expedient progressive manner.

Only one person on the planet showed up with skills and a PLAN that contains ONLY FIVE RULES, with flexibility in the first and second, while making no demands for preferential treatment based on her’s or anyone else’s minority or majority status.

Her name is Sharon Lee Davies-Tight.

The rules are no prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. One leads to the other if left unchecked.

On that continuum we all start in the prejudice category, prejudging everything and everyone that enters our sphere in a multitude of ways, as nature intended for our survival. All animals share that nature – no matter the color.

What you do with that knowledge leads either to surviving and thriving or moves us to the next category of discrimination.

We all discriminate, based on experience and tastes.

What we do with that knowledge determines whether we use it to survive and thrive without infringing on anyone else’s right to survive and thrive, or we step over a line into enslavement.

The rest is self-explanatory. But in case it’s too complicated for the minds of the stubborn animals among the human race: enslavement leads to torture and torture leads to slaughter, unless it’s stopped at any juncture.

Stopping it by using enslavement, torture and slaughter has not proven to be a successful method, since it’s based on discrimination, which benefits some not all.

No individual or group of humans has presented a plan for all to move from the present into a better future, except Sharon Lee Davies-Tight.

Changing the world by changing ourselves™ is the quickest and least painful route to PeaceWithoutSacrifice™.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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