Brits And Pity

Brits And Pity

The Brits are always scolding people about pitying themselves. They don’t like it and they’ll put you down in a beat. But these same people expect the ones they beat for pitying themselves to pity everybody else.

So pity to them is only okay when you’re not giving it to yourself.

What does that really mean?

I’m wondering if some people get overlooked using that strategy of doling out pity.

Why not let people decide for themselves? It doesn’t seem fair that I should be giving all the pity and not be assured of receiving my fair share. That’s discrimination, and why should the British control pity anyway?

The only way to guarantee fairness, which the Brits claim they support, is if one pities themselves and others at their will and not the will of others – namely British here.

Lookin’ for some free pity Sharon?

Nope, just makin’ a pity point. Fair is fair, even on the small points.

When you control the little things you control the big things. That’s what the British do and they never stop doing it. It could drive a person bloody mad and many of them are.

If you discriminate on the little things, you’ll discriminate on the bigger things.

“Your view has been noted”, said Lord Brown. I never forgot that.