Labels Send Mixed Messages

Labels Send Mixed Messages

If it doesn’t matter if you’re Asian, Native American, Black, White, Hispanic etc. then stop asking on every form we fill out to check the box that best describes us. Again, why don’t Asians and Hispanics get a color? That’s COLOR DISCRIMINATION. It’s not your business. I have a name and social security number. That’s all the government has the right to know.

Why don’t Blacks and Whites have continents and Asians and Native American do? That’s CONTINENT DISCRIMINATION.

Stop sending mixed messages that create racial and ethnic tensions.

Tell Jews to stop harassing people with German and Austrian and Polish roots to see if they have ties to Nazis. Then what? Hang ‘em if they do? Russian Jews ran concentration camps in Russia. Yes, they killed Jews. Israel is mostly populated by Russian Jews. How does that make any sense? Ariel Sharon was one of them. Benjamin Netanyahu is Polish. What does that make him, a Nazi? They both killed a lot of people.

Did you know that Israeli is a ‘made up’ ethnicity. Like America. Is American an ethnicity? No. What does it look like? It doesn’t have a look or trait or characteristic. It’s a place. That’s all. It’s a legal term not a genetic manifestation of anything.

The Jews patterned their fake Israeli ethnicity after America right down to the native Indian reservations. How did that turn out for the Indians? They remained tethered to the government and as a result didn’t evolve.

That’s what’s happening to the Palestinians. That’s what the Nazi Jews in Palestine (now called Israel) are doing to an ethnic, racial and indigenous group.

I’m beginning to see that Britain had an underhand in all of it, that’s why they remained on the fence in public, to deflect blame. Where? Anywhere but them. Random? I’m not sure if true random exists.

Even in a jar of numbered balls picked by a machine random is an appearance not a reality. After all, the balls are contained. If all balls have an equal chance of being picked then how does one escape the routine and end up in the shoot?

Believe it or not, when government stops labeling people, then the people will stop labeling themselves and each other. We’re told how to label and we follow instructions. So don’t get all in a huff accusing people of hate crimes to scare them into liking all the labels. Nobody likes them.

The government needs to stop screaming about one label not liking the other label when the ones huffing created it all. It’s skewing their supposedly scientific study results. Yes, we’re being studied, we’re always being studied. How do you think they make decisions out of the blue? Or, maybe the government is causing the unrest, purposely popping people so they can record what they do and study what it takes to pop certain labels and how certain labels pop, for how long, and once popped does it make it easier to pop again with a lesser trigger?

Yes, they could be triggering all the labels on purpose. They’re sure spending a long time in Portland, Oregon. That’s way-y-y over the top. The government is obsessed with Oregon. They don’t treat Oregon the same as other states and cities.

End it. Oh, so it’s also for research purposes in deciding and calculating who gets what based on the numbers and ratios.

End it. If you want all of us labeled people to get along, then distribute services equally, per person, not per group. It’s the only fair way. Stop making us into guinea pigs. You didn’t ask and we didn’t give you permission.

End it. Stop demanding that we tell you what group we’re in. You make us tell you to keep you liability-free. People know what you’re doing and people don’t like it. They see right through you.

No they don’t.

Well, just in case some don’t, I’m putting into words what those somebodies intuitively already know, but don’t know that they know, only that something is wrong and controlling thus discriminatory about it all.

End it.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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