The Virus Wants To Be Interviewed – updated

SharoN ON ThE NewS™

By me.

I thought: I don’t know how that could work – seeings though I’m supposedly virus-free, at least free of that one. If there’s no virus in me, then how can I interview it?

Then I got super sick again. Worse than before. I could hardly move. Had extreme ‘scoots’. Fever of 101.4. Thought I was being paralyzed. Thought I was going to die. Steve had the ‘scoots’ for three days, stayed pretty much on the couch, lost his appetite, but that was about it. I didn’t think much of it. Now that I had what he had he opened up more about his three days of hell.

Steve laid down on the bed beside me as I gave him a verbal LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT. Told him where I hid all the money. My desk was a mess. I never leave it like that. Began planning my trip…

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