Diversity Can Help Or Hinder

Too much diversity causes chaos among groups. Too little diversity causes chaos within the group.

Diversity can help or hinder depending on how much diversity is healthy for everyone.

It’s the nature of the beast to want to be with those with similar features, traits and history.

When governmental forces make the recognition of one’s nature into a hate crime, it is an overt sign that government has messed too far into the manufacturing of diversity.

When governmental forces enlist the advertisement industry to artistically segregate people from their own and place them in groups unknown to them a war will result.

It’s like they want you to believe something that doesn’t yet exist, knowing in advance that people don’t like being manipulated.

It’s like rounding up one race or ethnicity, dividing them into blocks and then airlifting them to parts unknown to be dropped into the middle of somebody else’s culture.

Governments did it before with human slavery. Now they’re doing it with human minds.

They should have learned by past mistakes that manipulating diversity led to war.

  • Every occupation attempt through colonialism resulted in a war.
  • Governmental forces are doing the same in Palestine. They’re forcing Palestinians to accept Jews as their savior, claiming the Jew way is the better way, while dividing land and people artistically to prevent attacks within groups that contain outsiders. They’ve been planting Jewish settlements in the centers of Palestinian territories for years. They’ve also been warring in the region for a long time with no end in sight.

Slavery of the mind is as egregious as slavery of the body. It’s still slavery. It’s a form of occupation and colonialism.

Everybody wants to live someplace else until they get there and aren’t welcomed. Well, would these same people welcome strangers as readily? Of course not.

Government meddling is the same as government experiments on humans under the so-called guise of wanting to understand human behavior. It always leads to torture, because you have to control the subjects before you can scientifically study them.

This of course isn’t done for the initial or sole purpose of gaining scientific insights. There’s a goal, usually monetary in nature, that leads a government down the path of manipulating diversity which the government then justifies by citing the scientific angle.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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