Cops vs Drugs And A Little More

They’re high on drugs acting erratically and thinking irrationally when they die during an encounter with the police. The black Africans blame the cops rather than the drugs.

What does that say?

When does a human being become responsible for their own behavior while on drugs?

Drugs are the excuse and cops are the reason.

So drugs and cops have total control over black Africans. Ergo: black Africans have no free will with which to make their own decisions. They give it all over to the drugs and the cops.

I had no idea that an entire race of people are totally dependent on what drugs and cops and by extension government tells them to do.

What do they do with their brains if they don’t make their own decisions?

Why do black Africans make themselves vulnerable by taking drugs in public? Isn’t that something people do in private, where nobody can see them acting erratically and thinking irrationally?

Why are they seemingly in need of constant attention or constantly needing to be attended to?

Why do black Africans gravitate toward cops? Why do they want to be friends with them?

Why does the black African community think cops are negotiators?

Poverty is the reason?

Why don’t poor white Europeans act the same way with the same expectations?

Poor white families don’t celebrate criminal behavior like black African families. They frown upon it.

Why do black Africans think it’s the governments job to raise their families for them? Did slaveholders raise the children of slaves?

Where’s the black African pride I keep hearing about? Fists to the air?

‘You can’t do this to us any more?’ Do what? What are white cops doing to you that black cops are not? What are white people doing to you? Not giving you enough of their attention? Why so needy? Where’s the pride?

With all the attention, all the talk and all the displays of violence, how have you changed your lives for the better? Why wait around for somebody else to do it for you? Are you all really that helpless?

Why do black people keep thinking other people need to take care of them?

What do you keep wanting white people to do that you can’t do yourselves? It’s always the rich black Africans complaining the most about how meaningless their lives are – nobody treats them like the kings and queens they think they deserve to be treated like.

Black African activists seem to want all poor Blacks to be like all rich Whites. They set unrealistic expectations for poor black families. Poor white families don’t do that. They don’t think anybody owes them. They’re on their own out there. Maybe black Africans would fare better if they followed that on your own example. Maybe real pride, instead of pride in a skin would make them feel better about themselves, and they wouldn’t be always putting somebody else in charge of how they feel.

If white color people don’t matter, then why make so many unrealistic and unreasonable demands of a color that everybody not-white openly disparages for being white? Why make any demands? What are you a terrorist? Always making demands or you’ll burn somebody’s house down if they don’t pay out?

Light that match and you become a terrorist. Why? Because you can’t find somebody to love?

Everybody wants to be rich, but everybody doesn’t attach a person or a group or a color to the wish or goal. I don’t want to be rich like so and so. Why would I even think that? Why would I want somebody else’s face or color attached to my dream?

It seems that black Africans can only be happy if they’re mimicking somebody else’s life. There’s a disturbing lack of originality and ingenuity in copy-catting other people. Stealing their souls, their culture. Isn’t there a nasty word the British gave that? It seems the black Africans started it all.

Never satisfied with what you get is where that leads. So many unhappy rich black people. Man, I cannot help you there. You have to do that work yourself.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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