Did God Get It Right Or Not?

You don’t question. That’s the problem with the blind faith of religion when it encroaches upon non-human animals. You commit mass murder. Holocaust after holocaust forever in the name of your God.

Answer this. If God is so smart, then why would God create animals with nervous systems that cause animals including the human animal to feel extraordinary pain when enslaved tortured slaughtered? A sadistic God?

If anything, God would have created animals without pain and fright sensors, if God was designing them for food purposes.

And then there’s that whole healthy aspect. Wouldn’t God have made animals more healthy to consume if food was the plan? I mean, that’s some complicated food – that talks, walks, breathes, pees and poos and even has babies.

I mean, if you’re going to design a food, why does it need lungs and a heart and a bladder and a pituitary gland and a brain and finger nails?

I mean if you’re going to design a food, why not design the ultimate – something that won’t require medical insurance for as long as you live if you eat it your whole like?

Why design animals with all the bells and whistles, just so humans can catch them or subdue them to be born and raised in factories to perpetually procreate them for food and more food?

Where were you born and raised? In a factory where we all die. Talk about a Holocaust of unfathomable dimensions and proportions. Billions every year is an understatement. I’m shocked that Jews worldwide continue to be active participants as they make their anti-Semitic claims to justify the horror they commit and impose on other beings.

I mean why design an ultimate whole food who can run away from you, or that you have to lure by sneaky methods into traps to contain them?

And the food prep is ‘whew’ – all that hair and nails and organs and bones and skin and teeth and feet and hands.

If you think God did design animals for food purposes, then humans being the animals they are, were also designed for food purposes. We look a lot alike. Why would God discriminate after all? Especially if God doesn’t want us to discriminate against each other.

Better be careful of this new breed of millennials who don’t dig too deep into their thought processes before leaping into actions they can’t control and never regret. Yeah, better start paying more attention to who’s looking at you and for what reason.

Plants don’t have feet; they can’t run. That’s the sign, the tell, that plants are food. They don’t have nervous systems. They can’t feel pain. They don’t suffer. So God planned for it all along – the food that doesn’t suffer = plants = food designed for animals to consume.

So it wasn’t the creatures who run from us who God designed for all the animals to eat. Meaning designed to eat each other. Leave the plants alone? It was the multitudinous plant populations all over the planet, our bounty, right in front of us, that was designed to be our food.

We can even see the seeds in the pods and in the fruit and figure out what to do with them. Put them in the ground and watch them grow. That’s where the plants grew when we picked them, so why not?

Them plants aren’t going anywhere. They have roots. We don’t have to stand guard or lock them in a cage so they can’t get away.

Yeah, God provided the plants of the earth as our sustenance. Wow, that was some plan. Humans sure did make a mistake the size of a perpetual Holocaust that never ends and that grows exponentially every year. But we’re not the only ones. It seems that God made a few mistakes with other carnivores too. Not many. The humans are the biggest offenders.

God should have taken an eighth day to develop a conscience in the design of the creatures.

Maybe God got resentful having to do it all alone or maybe God didn’t act alone, or else figured all the pieces were there that needed to be there and would fall naturally into place. We do possess what is required to activate and exercise our individual and collective conscience, yet we don’t.

What’s the punishment? That’s all we care about – what we can get away with. Why do we need a punishment?

If God didn’t want us to make decisions, we wouldn’t have freedom to know right from wrong. We’d be designed as robots.

God shouldn’t have made animals desirable to eat.

That’s what child molesters say. If molesting children is so wrong, then why did God make me want them? Why do I feel good when I molest them?

If God wanted to save the animals from being eaten, then why did God make them taste so good and keep us wanting to come back for more?

I have never looked at any animal, human or otherwise, that was dead or alive and experienced anything remotely close to wanting to eat them, much less take them home, dismember them and cook them.

Yet, that is what is done in every home and restaurant in nearly all the world – every day. It is an acceptable policy and practice to capture, kill and eat animals, who were not designed by God or any other universal entities or forces to be the food of other animals, including the human animal.

To stalk, kill, dismember and eat an animal is the most grotesque form of sexual molestation. The enjoyment derived by consuming the body, blood and soul of another animal is an act of depravity and perversity against God and nature.

Over eight billion human animals engage in that perverse and depraved tradition every day of every year with no remorse and no desire to stop the addiction to the flesh and blood and suffering of highly developed creatures, created by an entity whom they all call their God.

What does that tell you about the state of affairs on planet Earth?

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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