Wake Up The Planet Ep. 14

Look for the wonderment of the child in you, and do as the child says, not as the world does.

God says a spirit cannot be broken, only the will breaks. The spirit is unflappable, never wears out and is comprised of properties which exist forever, in one form or another.

I would not want anyone to suffer or to sacrifice as I have. I would not suggest my life to anyone. But I can suggest the way I live the life I’ve been given. When you read that someone claims to have been isolated, their life disrupted, degraded and destroyed by any government agency, believe them. They tell you only the tip of the iceberg. Were it known the extent that governments go, to harass individuals who don’t support the mainstream philosophy of a country, it would chill your already aching bones.  The world needs independent thinkers, as well as those who have the courage to suffer humiliation by governments for their visions of a better world. If we destroy the visionaries, progress toward a freer world for all would collapse.

God says don’t cry for your own freedom, then when you get it, deny the freedom of others. Conversely, once you have your freedom, don’t spend the rest of your life bringing the world to it’s knees for past grievances; rise above it and raise others up, who like you, cry for that which you once cried.

God says nobody owns a word, a color or an animal. As words and colors are free, so should be the animals who roam the earth.

Don’t tell me how beautiful I am as you persecute me. Don’t tell me how nice I am while you crucify me. Don’t remind me of my compassion as you kill my children.

God says we can teach our children non-violence by being non-violent adults. In writing, singing, movies, television, news broadcasts and video games we need to stop assigning violent words to non-violent acts (and I’m as guilty as anyone on this one).

By assigning violent, descriptive words to non-violent events, our children won’t be able to discern real violence from non-violence.

God says pray for your public officials as you pray for your family. Then, let them know that you count on them to care for you as they would their own families, given their position of power over you. That’s what they’re elected or appointed to do, whether they see their role in those terms or not. They, who influence your destiny more than your own family, need support and guidance in handling your affairs.

God says it has as many faces as there are forms of life and non-life. For individual purpose you can assign whatever face you want to God. If you want a man, woman, child, great spirit, or don’t want to put a face on It at all, that’s fine with God. But, collectively, God is no more a man than all humankind is male.

Re: Artists: For a work of art to be enjoyed, the artist or messenger must not be considered. The art is the message, and means whatever you want it to mean. As beauty is in the eyes of those who behold it, so is art to be interpreted and enjoyed from the perspective of the eyes that view it. God’s art always has a loving message, a positive foundation, though direct, which might appear hard, thus angry. Existing books on religion need to be interpreted in the same way–individuals applying the words they read to their individual lives. One religious leader cannot tell all others how to interpret a written word that was written years ago, any more than an artist can tell one who views the art how to interpret the art. The messages don’t mean the same thing to all people. The families in the holy hooks could be any family. Regarding these books, again, if the message stems from prejudice, discrimination, or results in the enslavement, torture and slaughter of any creature, then it is a misguided instruction. Just because a story is written as it occurred, doesn’t mean that you should follow in the same path. 

God says It is not going to say what is popular or what fits the times by bending to humans’ fear of change. God’s goals are much loftier than popularity or what is presently deemed acceptable as a vision for the future based on flawed foundations.

God says when the laws of a nation determine the fate of a person or a country there is absolutely no room for the fickle folly of private interest. Every human and every other animal is controlled by some country or government. Every square foot of land, ocean and air is controlled through either direct or indirect means by either an individual or country or government.

The bible or any other holy book and all religions seek to control the behavior of humans and their behavior toward each other, their families, their governments, other animals, land, air and space and ultimately God. In light of all this control, it is our duty as creatures of God and citizens of the world to question and criticize those who control us, and the practices they use–written, spoken or through threat of punishment–which result in the enslavement, torture and slaughter of any being or the oppression of those challenged by handicap prejudice and discrimination.

God says you do not have to forgive an institution. It is individuals that need to be forgiven. Since it is institutions that make an individual do what they do, you need to work to change institutions. Pope John Paul was correct in referring to individuals needing forgiving, but wrong in not pointing out that the institution is what made these individuals commit atrocities or turn their heads to the same. Institutions need to change and individuals need to be forgiven.

Walking The Talk: If you’re not feeling the discomfort of the talk, you’re only talking the talk. Walking the talk is what brings results. Results mean change, and change creates discomfort in the beginning.  To walk the talk requires that you open yourself up to all of it: the intellectual, emotional, and the suffering that results from many times walking the talk alone–until others catch up.

God says no lone human or other animal or in the future an entity from elsewhere in the universe is sent to save the world we now live in. God would never put that burden on the shoulders of any one being. We are all sent to do our part in making this particular planet the garden paradise it was meant to be for all–not for a select few individuals, nor for a select few species, nor for a select few nations.

God says governments and people who control through terror, sanctions and violence do so at the price of freedom. The USA sees the world through Israeli eyes and that will be their fatal flaw and ultimate downfall. Any country that fails to see the world through their own eyes, while depending solely on the eyes of another is doomed to make the mistakes of the host country in absence of a plan to remedy those mistakes. God says war is a deviancy, which supports hypocrisy.

God says if humans are the social animals the experts tell the world we are, then why the need for artificial social lubricants in order to socially engage with one another?

God says all is not fair in love and war.

God says hypocrisy is what’s killing us.

God says women who insist on keeping their girlish figures and the men who demand it, fear the power of the developing woman, that by nature would otherwise emerge.

God says if a government is not loyal to it’s own people, then the government, any government, has no right to expect loyalty from it’s people. Patriotism works both ways.

God says when you praise Allah or give credit to God for the good deeds you perform in it’s name, others regard it as perfectly normal. Yet when you claim that God directs you to perform an act others think to be evil, you’re considered insane, not for committing the act, but for thinking that God instructed you to do it. And, you’re right, because a good God would never instruct you to commit an evil act. But, a good God gone bad would. So, when militaries or militias claim that God instructed them to commit murder against another, they need to differentiate which God they’re talking about. That they thought that instruction was coming from a good God is indeed insane.

How many times must I lose? As many times as it takes to win.

God says the foundation is everything. One cannot build anything without one. If the foundation is lacking or incomplete, so will be that which is built on that incomplete foundation. When rebuilding war torn societies, focus on the positive aspects of all areas under consideration for development, and build on those features which promote life, health, well-being and prosperity in those sectors. Too often we focus on rooting out or covering up the negative aspects within society’s sectors, and by doing so the negative expands to other sectors and becomes more intensely negative. Focus on the positive, and the negative will be transformed into positive.

God says if you’re having difficulty understanding these words, then you’ve been reading too long.

God says treat yourself with the same respect you want others to treat you.

God says many countries adopt as policy when handling warring factions, the premise that eventually the factions will tire of the bloodshed and loss of well-being, and on their own will turn to less violent forms of conflict resolution. By taking this approach, many lives are brutally torn apart in the meanwhile, leaving victims whose emotional wounds will fester for the remainder of their lives, passing on to their children and grandchildren their frustration, anger and hatred, sowing seeds of malcontent into youthful minds ready at a moment’s notice to organize a rebellion to please Mom and Dad or Grandpa and Grandma, who because of subjugation, never gained the dignity or respect they craved throughout their lifetime–because of policies based on premises founded on nothing more than sheer laziness and the lack of will to solve a problem more effectively, before a country and its people hit rock bottom. Trust that even when enslaved, a person, because of their own personal God, rises above that enslavement, in their own mind and in their own way. If not, the enslavers would always win–and they don’t.

Infantry. Derived from the word infant, meaning very young person. Thus, an infantry is comprised of very young persons used as foot soldiers to kill the opposing very young persons used as foot soldiers. God says using children to fight wars is akin to infanticide, committed against one’s own and against one’s opponent. Using children to fight wars is akin to using children in pornography, as sex slaves and as a mandatory child labor force. Old men using young boys to fight wars is perverse. Stop it.

God says after suffering the violent death of a loved one, we often look for the good that came out of it. We look for a silver lining, something that validates that this person did not die in vain. However, to stop the inevitable need for vengeance that will arise from that violent death, no matter how much good we see happening as a result of that death, at some point–when we are strong enough–we must drop the good that we  attributed as coming from it, see only the bad, and realize that more evil will not produce more good, but indeed will produce more evil. That, and only that, will satisfy us in the long run.

Once we get to that point, then we can get to that point again, until the cycle of violence and vengeance is broken. If we don’t, we will continue to live a life of perversity where good is perceived as emanating from evil, thereby justifying and perpetuating the evil act, ultimately raising it up as good until such point that it is no longer considered evil.

God says the best way to mourn the loss of a loved one is in any way that honors your own life. That will make them happy to see you happy. Your loved ones who have passed to the other side, do not want you perpetually pining for them. They are with you; you just can’t see them. They want you to move on, and they’re helping you with every little thing you need help with. They love to see you laugh, and yes, play with them in your thoughts, your God to their God. They love that! Watch for their signs; they’re dancing for you!

God says no bomb is civilized and no country or individual that uses the bomb is civilized.

God says the burden of peaceful resolution is on the shoulders of those who wrote the books as an example for the rest of the world to follow.  Whoever creates the conflict is obliged to resolve it–peacefully.

God says trivializing atrocities is not the road to peace, but an instigator to further violence. The United States wants to call their killing of civilians collateral damage, yet when other countries kill their  civilians they call it murder.

God’s Formula For Success: I will judge everything I do based on its degree of helpfulness vs. its degree of hindrance. If something helps, keep it; if it hinders, let it go. Don’t even think about looking for loopholes.

To the editors of the world: if you wanna write a book, write one; don’t try to rewrite mine. My God is my editor.  Your God is yours.

God says without compassion you become dangerous.

God says the masses have become as corrupt as their leaders. It’s that ‘example’ thing.

God says you don’t need permission to be happy.

God says you don’t need permission to feel free.

God says enjoy your family, your work, your play, yourself.

God says the foundation of the planet needs to be based on the five principles to a better life.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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