Mother Nature, Where’s Dad?

Is earth really a single parent home?

Animals are part of nature. Since humans are animals, then humans are part of nature too.

What’s all this ‘mother’ talk, like mother nature, the queen of all nature takes care of it all? Where’s the father in all this? What are his jobs?

Frankly, I think after everything was created by whom- or what- ever claims responsibility, Mom and Dad were killed off, no longer needed.

Guess the grand designers thought perfection would automatically occur once it all got up and running, working it’s own kinks out by the sheer force of the opposing variables making all the connections or breaks required to keep it moving smoothly.

Maintenance was supposed to be worked into the designs. Self-maintenance, like self-correction, like a self-cleaning oven. And it all would maintain itself in whatever form circumstances allowed or created anew.

I haven’t seen much effort on the mother and farther part to balance the universal forces by working from the middle out, instead of always expecting and counting on the extremes to balance the center.

Take Away: Balance the center and the extremes will bloom rather than self-destruct, and maybe the universe will stop folding into/onto itself, contrary to the expansionists point of view.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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