‘Pick On Someone Your Own Size’ Netanyahu, somebody with a military at least


Jews Living On Stolen Palestinian Land

RE: ‘Democrats back off demand that Biden delay U.S. arms sale to Israel’

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 18 May 2021

Democrat President Biden and his apartheid-supporting spineless Democrats decide to sell even more arms to the Jews to decimate the Palestinians on their own land.

Jews already have a nation; it’s called the United States of America. That was stolen too.

I haven’t heard one fair, viable plan for war or peace come out of the Jewish camp, except take more land until all that’s left are the slums where the Palestinian slaves are targeted to survive and thrive making money for the Jews. No self-respect allowed.

Better start talking so the world – the entire world – can see and hear your plan. No more under the table, behind closed doors. You made perfectly clear your intentions – for the world to see –…

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