As A Group

Jews are the biggest haters on the planet.

Disproportionate response is the world consensus every time someone or country or group goes against their grain or interferes with their plans short and long term, which means they as a group are in a perpetual state of Disproportionate Response (DR).

The world expresses their consternation, then stands down and turns its eye. Every time the Jews win – before, during and after the carnage and destruction they perpetrate against the ones who dared stand in their way of globalization.

Then they talk building contracts. Isn’t there anyone in the Middle East who wants to go to Israel to rebuild Palestine under the eye of Israel paid for by the USA? Evidently not.

They not only want to get paid by the USA, but they want Jews to do the rebuilding.

Can’t the world see that the only reason the Jews bomb Palestine is so foreign countries will foot the bill of reconstruction and use Israeli companies to do it?

So the world rewards the Jews every single time they decimate Palestine and Palestinian lives.

I’m fed up with the world standing down.

Globalization doesn’t mean the same to Jews as it does to everybody else. Better that the world start understanding that.

The Palestinians don’t know anything but oppression, so stop expecting them to make intelligent freedom choices in their best interests.

STOP THE BANK ACQUISITION by the Jewish Majority.

Chaos doesn’t cure chaos. You all know that, right?

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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