Jesus Was The Sacrificial Lamb?

Or so the Christians believe. Why? Because it was written and Jesus decided to fulfill the prophecy. And God, their God, didn’t stop him. Or so the story goes.

So God essentially killed a human (Jesus) by not stopping the crucifixion, like humans kill the lamb – a gift to God to block the wrath of God.

So God in heaven gave himself (itself) a gift of a slaughtered human to set the world free and to open the gates of heaven to all humans? And called Jesus the lamb?

What sense does that make?

There’s another God greater than the God of humans whom the God of humans was trying to please by slaughtering a human for special favor?

I know that God. And that God is not pleased with any offering that takes another’s life or causes suffering for benefit, favor, punishment or profit.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef

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