Minority vs Majority Status

Rich and poor are minorities in the USA. The very rich and the very poor.

Worldwide, poor is the majority.

Be cognizant of using the word appropriately.

It doesn’t matter how most people construe the words minority vs majority.

What matters is that when communicating through the written word you be accurate.

Not all minorities are impoverished, disadvantaged and in need of assistance.

And many impoverished minorities, who never thought themselves unworthy of anything made their own dreams come true by soaring with their own reality. That put them into the majority. That’s what everybody does, believe it or not, regardless of how anyone or other group views them and their status.

Sometimes just surviving the day to live another is done through great feats of strategizing minute to minute all that is required to stay alive.

The space between majority and minority is the most fluid. But the power of the fluidity of one person if it could be measured, which it cannot, is by far the most impressive, no matter the status.

By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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