Stop Living Like You’re Dying

The media excoriated seniors, positioning them as worthless alive better for the rest dead.

The excoriation infiltrated their collective psyche. Who would think prior to the pandemic that so much negativity and hatred in all sectors would be directed toward seniors?

Hey, you know them. If you keep telling them they’re dying, they’ll die. They don’t contribute to society. They’re a drain. Think of the money in healthcare alone that will go to the non-senior people.

Hey, they’re already pushing them out of senior residences by transforming the apartment buildings to public housing. Who thought that would ever happen?

Not one elder in powerful political positions is sounding the alarm and taking action against those who took their MATTER RIGHTS away and put their own in first place, top priority.

The PRIMARY concern throughout this pandemic has been the PUSH AND SHOVE of Blacks mattering at the expense of everyone else. Yes, even in their own group they put their own elders in last place.

Change that now before it’s too late to correct the injustice. Stop expecting seniors to sacrifice themselves so the non-seniors can receive greater benefit. And stop acting as stewards for those you already targeted for death.

Seniors, fully expecting to die a premature death, are living their last years like they’re dying instead of making those last years the best ones yet.

Black Lives Terrorists hijacked a pandemic with the intent of making every other group forever suffer. That is, every individual within every group, except non-senior black people.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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