Animalia That’s You


If all your actions are contingent on somebody else’s actions, then you don’t have power over yourself; they do.

I get it. People look at you weird, like you’re not as good as they are, like you’re beneath them, like you’re not one of them; they reference you like you’re an alien – and you are.

They are as much an alien to you, truth be told if you care to tell it, as you are to them.

When you’re with your own and the aliens happen by, you engage in the same behaviors as they do toward you, not because they did it first, but because all animals are suspicious of animals they don’t know or with whom they’re not familiar.

Humans are animals. There are different breeds of humans like cats or dogs or horses or any other animal.

Scientists balk at breed classifications for humans because they’re defenders of human supremacy. They want to be different and better than every other animal on the planet. So they classify humans differently than other animals.

It wasn’t that long ago that even scientists denied the animal nature of humans, making it sound like humans evolved from another animal but humans were not really animals – not after their transformation via evolution occurred. They were something else – superior to all other animals and resisted being categorized as an animal.

It wasn’t that long ago. So you’re not alone in thinking you’re higher up on some imaginary scale than every other animal.

If you want to understand ethnicities and races then understand the animal. ANIMALIA. That’s who and what you are and who and what every other human is.

Think from an animal perspective. Begin with territorial and protecting one’s family, friends and insiders. Think about the outsider who tells everyone they hate you but wants what you have and will force themselves into your pack as aggressors.

What would you think, say and do? Truth be told if you care to tell it, the same as any other animal: you would think say act with extreme caution.

That extreme caution presents itself in a myriad of self-preserving ways – all of which can seemingly fall into the categories of prejudice and discrimination. Yet, they’re all survival mechanisms.

If you’re screaming hatred at me, while simultaneously saying don’t fear you, no one who was in an extreme caution mode would believe that you come in peace. That you may think they should, sets off even more alarms.

Settle down; friendships aren’t forged by aggressive military style tactics. Those tactics make people fear you and rightly so. If you want that, then you want to dictate on somebody else’s turf and up pops a few more red flag flags.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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