You Feelin’ Me Yet?

You feelin’ me yet?

What are you afraid of all of a sudden?

I might burn your father’s business to the ground because he hates white people?

And even if he doesn’t, his brothers and sisters do. So I’ll make them pay for the burning deeds committed by his people?

Street justice. I’m gonna get me some.

What are you afraid of all of a sudden, that I have current proof of violent rampages terrorizing my white babies’ cribs with fire?

Sweet justice. I’m gonna get me some.

What are you afraid of all of a sudden, those cribs might grow to like the fire?

Are you afraid those white babies will dance with the power to burn every time they see your eyes light up a neighbor’s sky?

Hood? Neighbor?

There are no neighbors for white babies in the hood.

Oi, so you don’t like the word hood, then why wear them like you do?

Oi, white babies don’t like the fire. When they grow they don’t wear the fire. You do that.

You gonna get sweet justice for all those terrorized white babies?

I didn’t think so.

You gonna put rings around their necks, fill them with petrol and light up the neighbor’s sky?

No electricity, so you burn the white babies to see the light?

Oi, just writing a tune I can dance to in the middle of the night when the lights go out and everybody hides.

No electricity, nothin’ left to do but get out the matches and petrol.

What are you afraid of all of a sudden?

Put back those dum ass tires you took off those dum ass cars.

You feelin’ me yet?

Fire begets fire.

Learn the lesson fast.

Blow out your candles and eat the cake that blew your mind.

Feel the wind on your face and thank yourself for saving all the babies, not just the white ones.

Devastate me once, devastate me twice…

You say white babies don’t live where you burn?

You say black babies don’t live downtown?

You wear the hood wherever you go, no matter the money big or small.

White babies carry inside; black babies carry outside.

Black babies become the fire. White babies put out the fire.

Black babies blame the pain. White babies blame the flame.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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