The Unicorn Exists

It just wasn’t visible till now. This short expose poses serious questions and answers.


It starts as a biopsy of cells from the animal du jour who is being birthed, raised on grass and eventually slaughtered to feed the rich. The biopsies are taken to cell-cultured meat labs and grown into their respective animal meats absent a nervous system that can detect pain and suffering. These animal meats will be fed to the non-rich.


It sounds like ten percent of current beef or other animal consumption will be farmed on grassy lands for rich people at high prices where the unicorn farmer grabs animal cells with which to start their unicorn farms – indoors – that will provide the other 90 percent of the world with similar fare at cheaper prices, which won’t have the health dis-benefits of eating animals raised in the whole and eaten in processed parts. Keep in mind that an animal birthed and raised for consumption has been processed through manipulation of all its bodily systems.

An estimated seventy-seven billion land animals are slaughtered for food annually. That doesn’t include the animals slaughtered for a multitude of industrial purposes.

More unicorn factories will emerge to supply whatever non-food products in which animals are now contained, such as glue, make-up and condoms etc.

Eventually, if synthetic fabrics become problematic due to the contained chemicals, which I suspect they will, then hair will be grown in a similar way.

Ten percent at the going rate of seventy-seven billion animals just for consumption, not other purposes, equals 7,700,000,000 or seven billion, seven hundred million.

What that means is seven billion, seven hundred million land animals yearly worldwide will be enslaved, tortured and slaughtered for consumption only.

Simultaneously, marine animals will be replaced the same way.

Subconsciously most people are repulsed by the enslavement torture slaughter of their flesh and blood food.

The UNICORN wipes that away, especially since the ten percent of the worst treated in factory farms are now on luxury death row in comparison. The engineers argue that somebody has to eat the unicorns when no longer needed for their prime cells. Rich people is their answer.

The ten percent aka upper classes who will consume parts of the processed grass fed animals rather than the UNICORN, never were animal-free. Go into any high end restaurant area frequented by the rich and vegan options are non-existent or hardly visible. Gluten-free has taken its place because it allows multiple animal options with no apparent guilt.

Guilt is for the lower than rich categories, the ones who will be relegated to saving the planet through their selfless food choices, if for no other reason than their massive numbers dictate it.

Even if it did begin with a biopsy of the muscle of an animal, ‘that’s all we took’ the UNICORN farmers will claim, there has been no writing for the public on whether or not they need to keep going back for more cells, or if they’ll conduct third and fourth and one hundred and fourth generations from the original biopsies.

The question is will these UNICORN animals be the same grass fed animals going to slaughter for the rich? Or will there be separate farms for the UNICORN-DESTINED animals?

Then there’s the question of different species of animals. Will the rich people of the world with a taste for exotic animals demand exotic animal habitat friendly birthing and raising locations to feed their penchant for novelty, and use UNICORN farmers as an excuse to continue feeding their bad habits?

After all, why not give the masses a taste of what the rich have, when of course that’s not the real reason, but it will look good to some social engineers.

The next thing we know, exotic animals are on the menu everywhere and the percentage of those enslaved, tortured and slaughtered for the rich increases, when not many of the poorer classes would have developed a taste for the exotic had it not been made available, because the rich couldn’t do without the power and privilege over an exotic animal.

In the end, all the original animals, whether raised on grass for the rich to eat, or biopsied for lab grown meat in a UNICORN lab for the non-rich to eat, will be slaughtered.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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