What’s With The Pervert Obsession Of Brits?

What’s With The Pervert Obsession Of Brits? Everybody calls everybody a PERV. Women and gays do it more than anyone. Right to the guy’s face or behind his back, it’s delivered like a death sentence. Sharp as a spike through the heart and brain at once. Kill the guy won’t don’t you.

What’s with British women that they think all men are perverts?

Define pervert.

I noticed black women doing that to white men in Cleveland. It’s a meant-to-be destructive accusation that rolls off that tongue like they were born to use it for whatever it is they want and can’t have.

It’s an engorged display of low class dressed up like lower than low class.

Keep that shit out of America. I for one don’t want to see or hear it.

Oh, one person doesn’t matter in Britain? One person doesn’t count in your forever statistic frenzies?

Yeah, ONE PERSON COUNTS. Don’t forget that the next time you stand alone.

Try it.

What, can’t handle the chaos you create in other people’s lives when it’s redirected back at you?

By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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