The Shining Star Illusion


When you identify yourself by only one variable, feature or through a single prism of life you handicap yourself.

For Jews or Muslims to see all they are through their Jewish or Muslim experience they block the richness of life by culling all else that doesn’t wear the Jew or Muslim label.

An open mind requires an understanding of all that is part of you and everybody and everything else. Blocking that understanding is a form of prejudice and discrimination against yourself.

When you dull all else outside of yourself or your group it doesn’t make you shine brighter, it makes you shine less bright to the shining stars around you who enjoy and accept the richness of all life.

The sun shines brightest to those closest to it and less bright to those at a distance. It’s a visual illusion that tricks people into thinking that their group shines the brightest because they’re closest to it, when in reality all suns, all stars shine brightly. Recognizing this illusion makes one appreciate each one’s glow, no matter how close or distant.

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Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef

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