Animal Nature Doesn’t Mean Violent

Animal Nature

Getting in touch with my ANIMAL NATURE doesn’t mean getting in touch with my violent self.

Why do people automatically assume that animal means vicious, violent, fierce or war-ready?

Violence in all animals is only one trait of action in their repertoire of behaviors.

Humans seem to think they’re the only animal who can feel and express non-violent emotions and actions. That’s just not true.

Truth be told, humans are the most violent animal in the animal kingdom. Humans enslave, torture and slaughter just because they can and because they’re not held accountable for crimes against other species. Other animals don’t do that.

Most mammals are vegetarians and fight only when provoked or to protect their family.

Humans drop bombs on entire villages and civilizations for purposes not related to safety or food.

He acted like an animal. She acted like an animal. They acted like animals.

Every human knows intuitively what that means – in a violent, vicious, malicious way.

Y’all need to step back and examine what you say and why. Better that you call the behavior in question evil and hold the human responsible, rather than link it to some unsuspecting, innocent animal, just because you can.

When you say someone acted like a dog, you dismiss out of hand that a human could act violent of their own volition – that somehow the soul of a vicious dog had entered the human’s body becoming the one responsible for the human’s vicious behavior, even though a dog was no where around when the human acted out in violence.

Or they treated me like a dog. That’s always said in a negative, degrading context. So who are you hanging with who treats other animals so badly?

It’s almost like humans accept treating other animals in a bad way, but when they do it to another human, it isn’t accepted. Nobody wants to be treated like some people treat their animals. That’s telling.

Any animal when treated badly enough over time will eventually respond in kind. Humans are the biggest offenders in the category of violence toward other animals.

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