Chinese vs Brits

Chinese vs Brits

Ever wonder why people say Chinese are bad drivers? Because they are.

After watching the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics hosted by the Chinese and marveling at the synchrony of the massive numbers of performers in the pregame show welcoming the world, one might think their innate precision skills would make them excellent drivers.

It doesn’t though.

Driving a car is an individual endeavor. It’s like the Chinese go a bit hysterical when they’re not synchronized.

When I compared the British opening ceremonies the next time around it was like night and day. No synchrony on the British end. The only thing synchronized was their awkwardness throughout the entire performance. Not an ounce of elegance or dignity.

The British walked about the stage like they were sleep walking looking for someone to wake them up.

The next question should be are the British good drivers?

Maybe in groups the British are awkward, but singularly they’re individually focused.

One might think the synchrony trait and the awkward trait would carry over to other endeavors. Maybe it doesn’t necessarily in the interest of evolutionary balance.

Or group and individual behavior differs requiring different skill sets.

With the Chinese, synchrony in groups may be dominant.

With the British, focus may be dominant in individualized situations.

Many Brits maybe work better alone.

Many Chinese maybe work better in groups.

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