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When religious clerics and leaders dictate to the congregation the words to say to God, that’s prejudice, discrimination and enslavement.

When the requirements of a religion dictate the design of the prayer and tell everybody to say it for their salvation and the salvation of their families, that’s extortion.

Religions use YOU as foot soldiers to advance their political causes and agendas.

The world can feed the poor, clothe the naked, treat the sick without religion.

God is not a doctrine. God is not a standardization. God is not a recruitment tool. God is not a bank. God is not a prison. God is not a punishment.

Religions tell you how to pray and what to think. They should, if anything, tell you how to pray the way you want to pray, to think on your own. 

Religions want to own your heart, mind, soul and bank account. 

That’s not your God; that’s their God gone awry dictating to you how you should live, where you should spend your money, where your kids should go to school, what to eat and how to dress. Even when you should die.

It’s all about sacrificing for others, on their terms, while who is looking after you and yours? Your reward is after life, not during life.

Before, during and after conception – religions tell you how and when to procreate to increase their numbers, thus the influence of their religion, thus agenda, in the world. MORE MEMBERS, MORE POWER.

Maybe if everybody said the same prayer, using the same words, and they’ve got people in every country doing it, then maybe God will recognize us as worthy and give us favor.

At the same time God is musing, ‘they’ve got all those people thinking the same way all over the world and they can’t get done what they want me, one God, to do?

BEFORE DURING AFTER religion owns you.

Without religion that collects money from the rich, poor and in between, how would the governments of nations feed, clothe and support the poor? Shouldn’t that be the work of governments?

Why are so many charities required to do the work that governments claim to be doing? Then why so many charities?

Why are churches so rich? Why do they own so much land? Who pays the taxes on those properties?

Why is race always put to blame for discriminations against peoples when religions discriminate more?

Christians are the only ones who invite outsiders – openly recruit them in many cases. First they feed you, then they recruit you. They build you up to make income so you can then feed the church. They don’t give money, they take money.

So what’s so charitable about Christians, if all they do is give you other peoples worn out clothes that they would have discarded anyway? Or give you food that others donated or discarded?

They give their time and they’re good at organizing large groups to become scavangers for still usable dumpster goods. Nobody gets paid except the people at the top – it sounds like slavery to me.

Christians never abolished slavery. These are mostly white people enslaved by their religion.

They’re like the Spanish in that way.

The Christians work for free – on their own time – to go to the front of the line at Heaven’s Door. The Spanish work for room and board and a little cash to open Heaven’s Door on Earth for those who follow in their path for the purpose of building a larger community, thus a greater public influence.

It’s still slavery, no matter the motivation. Try to undo those shackles and see what happens to the congregations. 


Military? Same thing. 

Family? Same thing.

Where dictators dictate slavery thrives. The rank and file die and the families wither.

Keep a knockin’ but you can’t come in…come back tomorrow night and try again.

  • That’s slavery too.

Later gators,


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