The History of Jew, Jews

The History of Jew, Jews

going once, going twice, going thrice. Not sold.

Benjamin Netanyahu once stated that anybody can criticize Israel, they just can’t criticize Jews – or something to that effect. That was the GIST of the Declaration of Benjamin Netanyahu, former long-time Prime Minister of Israel. A modern-day experiment in apartheid – total governmental control of the people by an occupying army, accompanied by below subsistence wages to keep the paid slaves preoccupied with their condition. “Just stepped in to see what condition my condition was in” – words from a song came suddenly without warning to my mind.

That’s the history for the Jews, right there. Hiding, always hiding. Don’t want to be seen or recognized for what they do, thus alluding any culpability for any wrong-doing on their part. Can’t see the Jews. Can’t find the Jews. A life in hell on earth if you do. And for all your family too.

That’s the ongoing State of the Jews right there. It started by hiding in the bushes, maybe living in the bushes on the outskirts of villages, waiting for night to fall – predators gearing up for the heist – plans in their heads – a gift from their God – perfect memories for all things required to survive, so why not make perfect use of a perfect gift?

Jewels. That’s where it came from, having to pretty much guess at all their now historical activities that somehow don’t appear in the history books they write and beg to write for every other country, nation, group they occupy by their presence. They’re gifted at doing tedious work. Their separatist nature allows and encourages it.

The word.

That’s what I’m talking about. Doesn’t matter what it takes to get to the answer. That was the originating thought. Jew.

Comes from jewels. Nickname Jew, Jews. So, the Brits weren’t the only ones who nicknamed and continue to nickname people and all things all methods to anything. Nickname shortens the original word or phrase to make it easier to remember – just what the Jews didn’t want, anybody to identify them via remembrance. That’s the result of hiding, in case one questions cause and effect here.

That’s my takeaway. Almost.

Who called Jews, Jews first? Maybe not the Brits, though they’re the usual offending party when any word of their interest pops up, they have to own it by changing it. Like Jews seeking jewel ownership, Brits seek word ownership.

Rich Jews calling poor Jews a name, probably more likely than not. The word Jew didn’t originate with Hitler.

Stolen jewels.

I’ve yet to hear of or see any other group of people who love jewels as much as Jews do. It makes me wonder who put the original high price tag on jewels, nothing more than polished rocks from the ground, I’d say.

Jewel thieves.

Some shine when polished, like onyx, some are translucent like opals or transparent like diamonds – or look like colored glass, like rubies and emeralds. Some form inside of oysters, some oysters, pearls they call them.

Rare costs more. The high price based on from which they came. Rare as Jews, some Jews might quip.

Difficult to find, like Jews. If you dig deep enough, they’re there, but bringing them up and out of the caverns dug so deep not an easy task. All that work just to put them on chains or fingers to let the world know the wearer shines like its constant companion extracted from the deep earth or beneath the sea water comes brilliance when properly handled.

Jew, come to find out, has a brilliant history of alluding the work of the excavation and extraction of raw material destined for fame and fortune.

Another gift from their God. Perfect memories not meant for navigation, instead to spot a disguised jewel and follow the trail to where the polished rock resides – to snap it in the night at a later time when the villagers are out for their week-end rituals of praying and celebrating their good fortune or bad, didn’t matter, life went on.

Poor Jews stealing from rich Jews – that’s my takeaway.

Rich Jews banished poor Jews wherever they hid. Thieves – nobody likes them.

Hitler had to be a Jew then. Why else would he sift through the stolen Jews, confiscating the stolen jewels, promising them a nation called Israel if they first worked in his war factories? WORK SHALL SET YOU FREE? Something like that? At least he gave them something in return – sounds like THE DEAL OF ALL CENTURIES to me.

How many factories in Israel? How many Jews work those factories? Or do they import Palestinians with work visas for factory work?


The Palestinians whom the Jews now round up in Palestine to do slave work in Jewish controlled factories are like the Jews Hitler, Adolf Hitler, former Chancellor of Germany, rounded up to do slave work in his war factories throughout Europe.

Yeah, that rough rock is beginning to show some promise. Like a genie in a bottle. Rub the bottle or de-cap it and a genie flows out, translucent, looking for a wish to fulfill for the one who set the genie free.

Oops, the genie went back into the bottle. Why?


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