Giving Orthodox Jews Nuclear Weapons?

Is like giving nuclear weapons to a band of Gypsies. Negotiating for parts?

No disrespect intended toward the Gypsies, but nuclear weapons? Come on.

Did the orthodox Jews in Israel build those weapons themselves? If not, then who gave the nuclear weapons to a band of Gypsies? A gift? somebody GIFTED THE GYPSIES? I didn’t think they accepted gratuities.

How did they transport them over county lines without being noticed? Did the nuclear weapons come prepackaged in sections and parts to be assembled after delivery? Who wrote the instructions and who helped with the assembly?

Did Russia have a hand in the packaging and delivery of all the parts? If not, how did orthodox Jews living in Israel, Palestine obtain the technology to build one themselves? Two? Five? Going on what?

Why do they keep sending me gray envelopes asking for donations for Holocaust survivors?

Did China give or sell them the blueprints? You know, the instructions. I mean I wouldn’t know how to build a nuclear weapon nor would I want to know.

orthodox Jews on the other hand

Did they build these weapons on the open sea or beneath the sea in submarines? So they have a nuclear weapon factory in a submarine?

The USA claims not to know if anyone in the USA sold them blueprints or not.

Sounds fishy to me.

They’re hiding the nuclear weapon factories in Palestinian disputed territories and that’s why they can’t give up their occupying status?

Whoa something needs to be explored before a nuclear weapon mishaps occurs.

All the big businesses in the world know that Asians are wired for factory work. They’re just plain good at it. Great at it. They’re like machines. Precision oriented.

That’s why they call them Orientals.

I don’t know about Jews and Palestinians though – if they’re similarly wired or if they make a lot of mistakes and require a lot of d0-overs. Do they chew a lot of gum?

I shouldn’t be worried in Cleveland. I don’t think there are any nuclear factory submarines underneath Lake Erie.

Are there?


Drop the shoe on the other foot.


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