Laws Need To Apply To All Equally, otherwise call it discrimination

Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis signs bill that can penalize tech companies for deplatforming politicians (banning them from social media).

Does that mean only politicians? So politicians can’t be deplatformed, but everybody else can?

How does that help ‘everyday Floridians?

Freedom speech rights need to apply to all people living within the USA borders, not just some people. That’s discrimination. 

People shouldn’t be deplatformed for their views, period. People in authority dictating to writers or contributors what they can write is the same as censoring what someone says because someone else with the money and power to do it wants to control how the populace thinks, thus writes.

Opinions, everybody has them. Since when is it anybody’s duty to silence them?

What gives any tech company the right to control what somebody writes on social media or anywhere else?

I agree with Santis on the ‘Big Tech becoming to look like Big Brother. I thought the government was calling the shots all along on behalf of Big Tech. Why censor when the USA was founded on the principles of freedom to speak and write?

The world has changed, everybody now is their own publishing company, editor, writer, advertiser. That the government intervenes with their art, by passing laws to prohibit freedom to distribute it, unless they fall within the guidelines of the prefab words and conditions put out by agenda groups, advertisers or government, is contrary to our right to freedom of expression. 

The Framers didn’t mean that? The USA Constitution and Bill of Rights does not give We the People the freedom to speak or write? All that talk on news shows was all a ruse to make people think they were free? Our free speech rights never really existed? They were spy tools used on the American public and on social media? Free to speak with consequences if somebody, some group doesn’t like the words is what they meant?

Is this really all about advertising? Companies don’t want to advertise on sites that promote what they preach to prohibit. Maybe in the slave days, if social media had been around, the slave trade would not have proliferated, prospered and stayed around for centuries in the USA.

In March, Steve DelBianco, NetChoice’s chief executive, said while testifying against the bill: “Imagine if the government required a church to allow user-created comments or third-party advertisements promoting abortion on its social media page.

That’s not what freedom of speech means in a social media context. Those churches would be free to delete those comments. And most advertisers, though they clearly cannot be trusted with anybody’s content, should attempt to place advertisements that don’t offend, not dictate terms of how a writer frames their content on their own website.

They’re supposed to be selling products, not ideology. If one wants to sell ideology then open a website and do it. It shouldn’t be the place of advertisers to engage in the projects of people writing on social media. 

Those with money and power can influence the minds of customers to think in certain ways on certain topics, which amounts to brainwashing by the rich and powerful of the less fortunate.

“Just as that would violate the First Amendment [guaranteeing the right to free speech], so too does [this bill] since it would similarly force social media platforms to host content they otherwise would not allow.”

‘Forcing social media platforms to allow content they would otherwise not allow’ is in censorship territory. Why should social media platforms tell the writers and publishers of content what they can and cannot say, based on agenda driven issues that concern the rich and powerful? 

Churches, stay out of it. Government, stay out of it. Advertisers, stay out of it.

Some people are now claiming that We the People have no such freedom of speech rights. They claim that it’s a federal law and only effects people at the federal level. Well, if that is true, that the populace is not protected under the USA Constitution, and the Bill of Rights only protects people’s freedom speech rights who operate at the federal level, then this country is in a whole heap of trouble, given that they preach all over the planet about the value and morality of freedom of speech as one of the cornerstone of democracy. 

So, all this time representatives of the USA when doing the democracy dance for foreign countries, meant only a small group of people operating at the federal level actually were covered under those freedom of speech rights – NOT EVERYBODY.

This is a shocker. So social media companies can limit the free speech of those who write and publish on social media to conform to the parameters of the large corporations that make huge profits off of other people’s art – with no dividend to the participants, except that it’s free. 

Free to write some things, but not necessarily be circulated, so then what becomes the point? Be censored, write the way profiteers want you to write or be on your way; we don’t want nor need your voices here.

There’s a reason why the CIA and NSA and FBI and who knows who else runs the underbelly of these spy organizations operating as social media outlets. They use them as tools to influence foreign countries and they don’t want anybody upsetting their well designed, well-oiled apple carts.

‘Nobody cares’, the CIA once openly said about their operations within Facebook. Well they didn’t care, because they didn’t know their freedom rights were null and void by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Until now.

“Former US President Donald Trump was banned by Twitter and Facebook and suspended by YouTube after the Capitol Hill riot in January.

Earlier this month, Facebook’s Oversight Board decided to uphold the platform’s decision, but asked the social network to review the decision within six months.

Former presidents are at the federal level, so they should be covered under freedom of speech laws. He could fight that at the Supreme Court level and win. Banning people has in the long run not been a popular stance for any company or group to take in the USA. Some people had to sit at the back of the bus, some couldn’t drink at the same water fountains as other people. Some were not allowed to join clubs unless they were rich and male.

If advertisers can control what individuals write, that’s not freedom for the writer. It’s giving advertisers and their clients full reign over the intellectual material and artistic content of those who use social media to publish and circulate their content. 

One might as well list the advertiser as the author of the content, since the advertiser controlled it. 

If some company doesn’t want to advertise on my website, fine, but don’t tell me I have to alter my content or be deplatformed by essentially the advertisers, who tell the Big Tech companies who to hit.

Advertisers controlling personally owned content is what should be banned

Who are these oversight people on FACEBOOK’S OVERSIGHT BOARD? We the People who are the writers and publishers on Facebook deserve to know who is censoring us. Put names to their faces. What happened to freedom in the USA? You can threaten to kill someone or wish the most horrific harm onto someone and all their family, but you can’t criticize a race, ethnicity or gender who claim to speak in one voice, unless they’re white, European, women, men and even their children.

White people are the only allowed targets.

The race, ethnic and gender activists claiming their respective people speak in one voice, do not allow a response, and social media supports that one sided conversation rule. That’s discrimination.  

No one  can respond to that one voice, even as that one voice burns cities throughout the land; they can only listen per order of the USA government. That’s discrimination. 

That’s what the USA accuses all other countries of doing, not listening to the people’s voices. Only the voices that agree with them are allowed to be heard. The USA has sunk to new lows in micromanaging the thoughts, thus the works of its citizens.

And now we want a war with Russia, who was around a lot longer than the USA, because Russia won’t bend to our will. 

We want to occupy Ukraine long distance to be used as a strategic military operations depot neighboring Russia. The USA didn’t like it when Russia wanted to set up missiles in Cuba, yet here the USA is doing the exact same thing only worse in Ukraine. 

That’s democracy? No, that’s a dictatorship. That’s imperialism. That’s Adolph Hitler operating full boar from the United States of America, where no one unless they work at the federal level has freedom rights.

Freedom in America is defined as cooperating with federal authorities on all matters that concern them. Individual freedom of expression is discouraged at every level unless the government controls it.

The USA treats it’s citizens as if they’re still unable to speak living in a perpetual ‘playpen’. Remember those – for toddlers?

These social media platforms have become spy stations for the USA and Britain. Why do you think they’re located in so many foreign countries? Not to connect the world as Mark Zuckerberg claims, but to connect all the intelligence agencies of the USA and Britain to every world citizen, where they tell you what you can say, and how you can express your art, while indicating all the while that they own your intellectual material and you.

‘Don’t do as we say and we’ll shackle your works.’ 

Sometimes, most times, they don’t even tell you that your work has been shackled. 

That’s slavery.

Florida governor signs bill to ban Big Tech ‘deplatforming’

By Cody Godwin

BBC News, San Francisco

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