Mental Fences

You’re Born With Smart

You don’t need an education to be smart.

Educate yourself.

If you know how to read you can do that.

Nobody’s interested, thus nobody is interesting.

Reading makes you more knowledgable, not more smart.

You’re born with smart – the ability, the capacity, to learn.

You die with what you did with it.

The choice is yours to do the best you can with what you have to work with, not just the internal framework and mechanisms of the brain, but the environment in which you interact, which is way more vast than people living outside a ghetto realize.

Life in the ghetto is like living on the edge of a magnified existence while the world outside languishes in the poetry and prose of those who they inappropriately claim occupy the spaces inside metal fences that lock their minds forcing a need-for-freedom response.

Nothing could be further from the truth – unless of course you think nobody on the outside experiences what one experiences on the inside.

That would also be a mistake. We all have mental fences, required to keep us fluid. They’re survival tools that give us a survival advantage.

If one is always in survival mode, one loses the perspective one needs to survive and begins to see everything and everyone as a threat. Of course in reality, everyone and everything is a potential threat. If one is rarely in survival mode, one fails to recognize danger when it presents itself.

Naivety can be a survival tool or a threat to ones survival. Playing dumb is what most people call it outside of certain social circles.

Don’t always try to be the smartest one in the room; it could get you clobbered by those who think you know too much for your own good. Those people of course are stuck in survival mode and can be a danger to whomever they meet or otherwise encounter – friend, foe, neutral, or unknowns.


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