It Is Not Forgiveness

It’s called forgiveness in order to fit into a prophecy that Jesus chose to fulfill. Turn the other cheek is something Jews, most Jews in antiquity, could not do. But Jesus wasn’t only a Jew. If they had DNA testing back then, but they didn’t, so the story goes as copied from ear to ear, until somebody decided to put it all in writing.

That peaceful look and demeanor people exhibit when they say they have forgiven, for they are sinners too?

That’s not forgiveness. Real forgiveness hurts the one doing the forgiving, while the other jumps for joy.

No, that’s not forgiveness either, and that’s not the look and demeanor of peace.

It is being at peace with the universe, over that which one had no control, all things considered, one cannot be in all places at the same time to stop what happens next. People would stay locked in their caves, but it is the nature of every animal to explore and bam something goes awry.

An eye for an eye, whether it be a stolen object or a life, never appealed to me. That would make me the predator. The aggressor, the offender, justified by some or not.

As I scan the chain of events, I wonder what or who made the predator into a predator? Some people look for opportunities to hit someone, no matter what the cause. Or to hit someone back, because somebody else hit them.

Triggers, the predators call the prey whose only reason for existence is to trigger the predator into an aggressive stance – in the mind of the predator (I am talking human predator here).

‘All these little triggers walking around me all day, and I want to pop them all/. The only way the predator can strike with impunity is to get someone to strike them first. The predator gets popped as planned and chaos ensues.

When calm follows, regrets soar, and excuses abound, forgiveness is there to lend a hand. Neither the predator nor the prey are feeling anything close to peaceful during this time of explanations that never satisfy the need to hurt or the need to strike back.

Acceptance that the universe is a mystery saves the day until it happens again. Some go to prison, some go to rehab, some live in a prison of their mind. Fear is enslavement. The predator won, but at what cost?

Predators do not need forgiveness. Predators do not want forgiveness.

They need and want to dominate. Stop all this silly forgiveness talk.

Predators act out so they can feel the universe reaching out to them. The prey say why us, as they approach the predator, knowing to exercise extreme caution. Two seconds after extreme caution is measured by the predator, the predator strikes.

Can you feel me now?

The human predator doesn’t feel much of anything. Total control calms them, whereas it creates chaos in the prey and those who witness it or hear about it.

Then the predator has the universe all to themselves. After all, the universe didn’t stop the predators, and all predators instinctively know this, even if they do not or cannot express it in palatable words to the one listening to the words.

None of it matters. The predator is the universe in the predator’s mind. Don’t ask in an interview, they don’t know. What you say is jibberish. How can the universe control the predator, when the universe is the predator?

That’s the side that matters to the predator. Disruption in the mind of the predator produces calm before, during and after. Disruption is calm.

There are three components/phases to the human animal nature: calm, chaos, resolution – in no particular order. In any order.

What phase are you in right now. Coming or going in or out of___________.

A. The universe is also the prey. Human predators pretty happy now. Not everybody can figure that out. One must be either one or the other, not both is how minds usually run.

That means there is help for the prey and for the predator. Scientists focus on changing the behavior of the prey, thinking all they need do is to teach the prey how to act less like prey, then they don’t have to teach the predator anything, because predators cannot, will not, do not change in response to shame-strategies.

Changing only one side is the expedient dare I say lazy way of achieving a goal short term due to time constraints. It won’t work long term.

Less prey-like. Less predator-like.

Less predator-like. Less prey-like.

Keep shame out of behavior-changing strategies. It is cruel, which means the one applying the strategy is a predator.

Can one teach it, learn it?

One can understand it.

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