Dog Language?

I raised eight of them – each different – I should know.

Somebody was hoping I was hearing voices from above? from another dimension? from the dead? directly from the one and only God source that humans concocted out of religions, to have and to exploit the non-human animals, that God?

You know one, you know them all? Isn’t that what black Africans say about white people? What Jews say about non-Jews? And vice versa?

Dogs of course speak; they have vocal cords, and they use them in sophisticated ways. Most people do not take the time to listen – they have already been indoctrinated by governments, religions and families to regard non-human animals as dumb. Strange I think, that people get called out for calling a human animal dumb, but not a non-human animal. 

That talk is private – not the business of the world.

Example of the visible kind: I fix Lilly’s breakfast, it is rarely the same day-to-day. I put all the doo-dads in that keep her healthy. I warm it a bit, put it in her meal box. She sniffs it; next time I walk by she is sitting beside it, getting my attention with her eyes. I forgot something, left something out. She looks at me, looks at the bowl – back and forth.

There is no doubt. Eight years living with Lilly, I know she is telling me I left something out. 

What was it? I go over and look at the bowl, pick the bowl up, look closely, move things around a bit, take it to the kitchen. I forgot the vegan yeast. She loves the stuff. I sprinkle, stir, warm it again, put it back down, she eats it without hesitation. She did not have to sniff it again, she watched me in the kitchen. She knows where I keep the vegan yeast and can identify it.

Her tail wags as I type and whisper. Yes, I whisper as I type, then when I proof read I whisper again, so I can feel the cadence. Sometimes I speak as if in a large hall, reading the story. I wonder if the neighbors can hear, but then do not care, it is background noise to them. They know I am home. They probably like when I am home. That reminds me what Greg Fitzgerald (a tavern buddy who died recently from COVID) said to me once when I walked into the tavern and sat down beside him, ‘When you walk in Sharon, I feel safer here./

When the neighbors hear the pots and pans rattling or me talking out loud as I type or read, or they can smell what I am cooking, they know I am home. They feel safer. Does that mean I should stay in a non-safe environment, so they feel safer, or because the shadow people claim they cannot protect me if I move?

Move where, and protect how? Shadow people tell all sorts of lies to keep a person in place. They do not call it slavery or enslavement, telling those who inquire ‘she’s free to leave/. But it is always followed by a threat either direct or indirect. That is how intelligence people and entities exploit those whom they do not want any other government to gain access to or to come in and swoop them up.

There will be no ransom required, although it will be asked. They don’t want MONEY in exchange for the return of me, they want ME.

We all have the Universe at our disposal to figure something out. People who have experienced God say God comes and goes. Well the Universe is always part of you, in every cell, and in the areas that cannot be seen or measured. Sort of like WiFi, that can go through cement walls to reach your computer (and you too, by-the-way), so it is with the Universe. It is inside of us, around us – inside of everyone and everything else that we come in contact with and beyond or cannot yet see.

We are not independent of the Universe; we are an expression of it.

Recognize that, as I recognized it in all my non-human adopted kids. The Universe. Recognize the Universe. Non-human companion animals cannot speak your language, but you know what they want and need. They tell you. Do you listen?

Pretend for a day that they can speak your language. Would you treat them differently?

Update: Writing Tip: Remove apostrophes that contract words, such as: isn’t to is not. Notice the difference in emphasis as you read along the entire piece. Do contacted words make you miss something? Refreshing or cumbersome? It slows you down a bit when you approach. Because of the unfamiliarity?

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