Color Blind vs Culture Blind

Color Blind vs Culture Blind

Is color blind the same as being culture blind?

Is culture blind the same as being color blind?

Being blind to culture is the same as being blind to behavior.

Being blind to color is the same as being blind to behavior.

Being human, that blindness based on color or culture is impossible. 

Everybody notices behavior or characteristics. It is what stands out. Thus everybody notices differences quicker than similarities, unless the similarities go well beyond the fifty-one percent, then it is more noticeable. 

It becomes more acceptable by being more familiar, at ease with maybe, the more the merrier, no matter the behavior, except of course if it is startling behavior that jolts, then not so acceptable, even if familiar, it becomes uncomfortable, maybe dis-at ease-with, unless it is sudden uproarious laughter that jolts and spreads spontaneously, not so with sudden anger that jolts and spreads just as spontaneously.

It is not just color that reflects culture and becomes attached to certain behaviors. It is every category of human action and interaction.

Status, or position of status, humans notice – economic, political, religious, age, gender, intelligence level, personality. Some personalities are more accepting of idiosyncrasies in individuals than in groups. Some personalities in themselves are easier to be around, thus not so many surprises. Behaviors of lone wolves and loose cannons and hysterics are difficult to predict, thus not so comfortable to be around. 

Blind to color could be good if one does not lose their own identity in the acceptance of ill-tempered or perverted or aggressive behaviors that harm.

Blind to culture is a good way to get along with those of different cultures, but when those cultural behaviors harm, that is a different story that needs attention, so that it does not get bound up and woven into the way individuals or groups express themselves while around people of different belief systems, resulting in copycat cultural behavior, or for that matter when around people with similar or the same belief structures, which enforces and continues the behavior.

Cultures of abuse, assaults, rape, incest/inbreeding, feeding off of dead animals in lieu of plants, massive global slaughter, letting of the blood to eat the flesh, sexually mutilating young girls as a form of sacrificial ritual controlling sexual elements of the adult female, sadistic/masochistic punishment, self-flagellation, revenge, hand amputation and finger dismemberment, initiation hazing, secret societies, men lording over women, enslavement, torture, slaughter, prostitution, sex trafficking, and on and on, must be challenged at every level of engagement. All are culture-bound.

Behaviors in matters of color most often involve characteristic behaviors, lying, cheating, swearing, making fun of people/humiliation, speech patterns, dress, manners, morals and personalities, degree of emotions displayed in public and private, inside or outside the group.

It is not the color or the culture per se. It is the behaviors associated with both.

Being blind to behavior means being blind to all behavior, even the most offensive and egregious behaviors. Everybody has the same emotions and characteristics. The difference is in the degree and when and where they are expressed.

We all belong to the same species within the same animal kingdom. Within the human species, as with other species, like dogs and cats and frogs and horses there are breeds, however science in its effort to make the human species supreme assigns different styled adjectives to humans, namely race or ethnicity or gender. Science sure did make a mess out of all of that. Naming female dogs bitches, then relegating dogs to a position of worth beneath humans, then name-calling human females bitches when they wanted to demean them.

Thinking of the human category as consisting of breeds rather than races would have been a better choice when needing to categorize humans for study purposes or for the allocation of government services and grants. It still sets up the potential for discrimination, but in reality, it is the differences that do that on their own, along with the human animal’s capability and propensity to discern and attend to those differences. Some are annoyances that stay at the annoyance level. Other annoyances reach the trigger level.

A startling trend is to make a public spectacle over individuals or groups name-calling each other while totally disregarding and trivializing the damaging nature of other egregious culturally-bound behaviors by focusing on frivolous emotional differences, that have little real impact on change.

The emotional factor is based more on what is in or what is out style at any time in any culture or across cultures.

I haven’t seen this trend so much in countries outside the USA, so one must wonder why not? The British are by far the biggest name-callers on the planet, and some of it may have something to do with lazy speaking and a need to shorten speech for ease of memory or simply a need to humiliate people. I heard a public person speak directly to Iran on television, “let us humiliate you, then we’ll help you”. This was a USA spokesperson.

Well the British controlled press in the USA took that to a whole different level when teamed with Madison Avenue to sell advertisements. What annoys people makes them turn away. What triggers them makes them look further, so they’ll click on an article that has a headline trigger. 

Advertisers are clever in that they do not try to trigger white people, only black people. They never headline with black man kills white woman, but always headline with unarmed black man killed by white cop. So in effect, Madison Avenue drove those riots in America for over a year and some of it did spread to other countries in copycat mode. They drove the riots using discriminatory strategies.

The Last Take

Blinded by color and/or culture equals discrimination. When agenda-driven groups, religions, political groups or government et al demand color and culture blinds from the populace, they’re requiring that people deny their true nature to discriminate differences. It’s not the same as discriminating against someone, by denying fairness.

  • ‘She has discriminating tastes./ Not any more.

Discriminating differences makes cookie cutter people. Perhaps governments and sellers of product find that appealing, in that it is easier to change people when they all act the same, than not.

But in reality, blinding anybody for any reason based on any parameter creates a deficit in that person’s ability to communicate effectively.

Making the world blind to culture and color keeps all the destructive behaviors in play.

Now who or what group benefits from blinding people to culture and color?

Ops, I didn’t even notice they slit that cow’s throat while we were talking. Guess I was blinded by the culture. She didn’t suffer did she? Hope not.

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