Inbreeders Race Or Not

Inbreeders Race Or Not

Jews aren’t a race. Mormons and Quakers and Seventh Day Adventists aren’t either. 

Just because a group wants to remain separate from all other groups doesn’t automatically make them a race.

Jews can’t figure out where they’re from. Why? Because they have a need to conform the truth to their interests, which means their truth is corrupt. Races are large numbers of people who inhabit the same place for a very long time, not by inbreeding, but by being a product of their immediate environment. Jews claim to be only one tenth of one percent of the entire world population. Are those the Ashkenazic Jews or all Jews including the modern partial Jews (the ones who have the DNA of their country of origin in addition to being Jewish)?

Races aren’t designed by humans, as Jews seem to think they are.

You can’t keep inbreeding (within the nuclear family) and expect to build a race from it, eventually you’ll become extinct.

There are victims in inbreeding. It must not be encouraged or celebrated. It is slavery within the nuclear family. It causes birth defects and psychologically impacts the victims for life, yet the cycle continues.

Inbreeders are not a race; they’re an aberration and an abomination. There is no individual freedom for Jews among their own. The same is so for all separatist groups. It’s not a healthy environment in which to raise a family, when a wife knows that her husband is going to be having sex with their daughters to produce more babies like themselves, and on and on and on, producing children with birth deficiencies that could have been avoided.

The people from Europe who settled in the mountain regions in Eastern USA have the same issues. Inbreeders produce children with deficiencies that can be prevented.

  • About 3.5 million of today’s Ashkenazi Jews — 40 percent of the total Ashkenazi population — are descended from just four women/

If that practice is continued among Jews, then I can see why they need to stay separate, because the world does not accept incest as a viable or an acceptable means of procreation (short or long term). It offends the outsiders’ sense of morality and hurts the insider who cannot escape the forever ‘incest’ sentence handed down from generation to generation. Rape is what it is. And rape is slavery.


No one should accept incest as a tradition, or as a strategy to create a separate ‘race’ of inbreeders, or to speak proudly of the practice, no matter to which separatist group they belong.

If Jews want to call themselves a ‘race’, then they’ll have to share that spot with all the other inbreeders on the planet from every ethnicity or region on the planet.

It would increase your numbers, and nobody will want to be anywhere near you (that’s what you want right?) for fear of one of your offspring veering from tribal laws and mating outside the group, putting non-inbreeders at risk of bearing a child with similar proclivities? In addition, by increasing your numbers you’ll have to include Christians and other separatists into the fold. Are the Christians and Arabs living in Israel now also inbreeders?

Jews really did set themselves up by wanting to breed inside the nuclear family. Humans are supposed to be disgusted by that, yet somehow the Jews and other separatist groups, usually religiously oriented, encourage and celebrate it.

No wonder they want to stay separate. Of course the world will not accept that practice, and I know that’s your line in the sand.

You should have drawn a line on something less damaging to the psyche of the insider children and the outsiders who want to help you in your private quest to be free of it. The world isn’t blind. They see the result of the shame.

The world intuitively knows what really happened in those caves. You smashed those babies.

You can’t mass produce a ‘race’ by inbreeding and expect to be accepted by the world for it.

That’s just how we are?

It’s not a random mutation when you intentionally by design mutate yourselves, hand-selecting your own DNA to be repeated over and over and over again. Three and a half million Ashkenazic Jew babies traced back to four women? That’s a lot of people who have some serious, not necessarily obvious, malfunctions.

Unless you reverse the practice of nuclear family inbreeding, the Ashkenazic Jews will become extinct.

Where in the bible does it predict the extinction of the Jews due to inbreeding?

So what happened in those labor camps and Hitler’s factories in Europe? Were you inbreeding there? Were the men, women and children separated? Have you spoken on that? Why not, besides the obvious?

No race designations for inbreeders. All cultures had them originally, but some kept the practice, not willing to let it go and evolve; they called themselves separatists. Enter the Jews.

Stop treating Jewish women like baby-makers to increase your numbers, when fertility rates are going to plummet, leaving you where?

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