Vatican City Equals Israel

Vatican City Equals Israel

It seems to me, the nonprofessional observer, that the reason for the push to make Vatican City a sovereign nation was in part to exact immunity from what otherwise would be considered crimes against humanity (children being part of that humanity in case the world forgot to include them). Forming boundaries within the city of Rome protected clergy from prosecutorial actions for crimes against children.

It is noteworthy that the Jews returning from Europe post WW II to secure parts of Palestine as their rightful homeland followed in the strategic footsteps of the Catholic Church by occupying Palestine by force, pushing out the Palestinians from their homeland, calling it Israel to fulfill a biblical prophecy (that the Jews wrote) and declaring it a sovereign nation state. 

Within these boundaries the Jews had total autonomy and freedom from prosecutorial actions against the Palestinian people who in the eyes of Jews and the United Nations were trespassing on their own land, now owned and controlled by Jews calling themselves Israelis. Deeds to the transfer of properties from the Palestinians to the Jews have not surfaced if they do exist.

Slavery was outlawed before 1948 when holocaust Jews took Palestinians as prisoners aka illegal occupants of their own land. The United Nations said it was okay by neglecting to offer an alternative solution. If it was an illegal occupation then it was an illegal war at the outset.

The United Nations had no inalienable right to give the Palestinians to the Jews along with the land.

Britain had no right to occupy the people, then unoccupy them and give them to the Jews, or anyone else for that matter.

The Jews from WW II concentration camps simply moved from the camps in Europe to Palestine and when Britain returned the colony to be under the control of Palestine, the Jews waged war against a people absent a military, which amounted to a holocaust against the Palestinians to steal their land and was not a legal war as claimed.

The Jews basically set up the equivalent of a Vatican City/Holy See, turning a religion (Judaism) into a nation state in Palestine and called it Israel.

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5 thoughts on “Vatican City Equals Israel

  1. It would be nice for you to point out that in 1948 the arab nations and the palestinians took the opportunity to attack and destroy the new jewish state. So, is israel’s existence in part due to this failure on the part of who you sympathize with to win. This again was repeated in 1967. There are consequences to fighting and losing.


    1. It isn’t about winning and losing; it’s about stealing land and subjugating the inhabitants. Sympathy also is irrelevant. Palestine did not and still does not have a military. It’s about expansionism of separatist-people who can’t seem to get along with its neighbors without owning them.


      1. If it is about stealing land, then where are the sympathies for the jewish people? in 71 ad, they were expelled from their country by the roman empire destroyed their temple and conquered the country. they even staged unsuccessful rebellions, ie bar kochba, to get their land back. ironically, it was about that time when the land in the levant was given the name palestinian. if it is about stealing land and subjugating people, you really should be supporting the jewish people. they had their land taken away by the assyrians and the romans and still were able to make it back home. please consider these facts as they are quite relevant to the premise.


        1. Only 3% of Jews are from around the Middle East, mostly Turkey. The others are born and bred in Europe. Jews are nomadic people; they’re all over the globe. You can’t set up a country every place you ever pitched a tent. Personally I support all people as people, not as people having rights to this or that due to some circumstances thousands of years ago. What’s relevant is now. I’m not going to debate. Jews cannot own Palestine or occupy the Palestinian people. The Jews are doing to the Palestinians who weren’t even in WWII like Adolf Hitler treated the Jews. Round them up, put a fence around them and starve them of quality of life until they flee or die off, and/or we kill them. When Britain got out, no matter who came in to save the Palestinians, the Palestinians did not have a military and the Jews committed a holocaust against them on their own land. The Palestinians had nothing to do with what happened to the Jews in Europe. Thank you for your views.


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