Writing Tip On Question Marks

Writing Tip On Question Marks

Question marks in an essay or article relax the reader, opening them up to their own thoughts.

It’s as if the writer is questioning their own statements, when that may not be always true; or if not provable, a question mark signifies that lack of proof. It doesn’t however, necessarily mean the writer is unsure.

The same sentence minus the question mark, automatically sets the brain up to refute the statement, rather than explore.

Exploration is key in problem solving.

So, question mark away! Let the reader decide by exploring their own thoughts based on your statements.

It works without compromising the integrity of the written piece, the writer and/or the reader.

Reading without prejudice doesn’t mean without judgment. Focus on the words and not who wrote them or the style in which they’re presented.

The reader can tell if the writer is controlling their judgments or if the writer is encouraging a broader view. A question mark means a broader view, yours the reader. You are being asked for your view by the use of a question mark. That may be controlling in some circles, but not in a manipulative sense. The writer has no idea the level of understanding the reader has on the subject or the readers thoughts.

Try it. Read out loud with or without a question mark, where you see a question mark in a written piece. There is a difference in how your brain processes it.

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