You Lied. You Are Not Awake.

Woke People Don’t Use Violence As A Strategy For Change

Those so-called woke people are not awake; they’re still sleeping.

It’s easier to say you woke up, than to actually wake up.

That’s not change.

Yeah, yeah, I’m woke Ma – as you roll over and fall back into the abyss of your fire, hoping for ashes to change the world – to start a new world on their own. Why can’t ashes create a new world?

If they do, you won’t be in it. You burned the future, by burning the past and the present. What is it with you and fire?

I say, why would you want to destroy the world already built with everybody’s sweat and tears? You claim the past means something, so why blow it all up and start over? Change it in the present, now, by changing you. 

How you want others to be, be yourself. Be the example, without bragging that you’re the example.

It’s like Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, saying she won’t ban stock trading by congress unless the federal judiciary also bans it. 

That’s not good leadership. Making her change contingent on somebody else’s change is a non-starter. What is this a grade school play ground? Stop acting like children. I take that back. Even children have more sense.

Be sincere without telling the world you’re being sincere. You mean to tell the world that all those other times when you didn’t preface your actions with a sincerity clause, you were not being sincere?

Stop the con. You’re making the world sick – er.

Violent is how you used to react to hardship or insult or discomfort. ‘They called me a name, burn their flippin’ business to the ground/. 

Whoa you are too sensitive for your own good. You need a reset. You don’t know how to wake up without blowing something or somebody else up. I over-estimated you.

You do it or the Universe will do it for you and that will not be a pretty sight. 

The world is tiring of walking on thin ice around you.

The Universe moves clumsily when making a correction. It affects everything small, big and microscopic…

Now that you’re awake, how will you react to hardship or insult or discomfort?

Waking up is about changing yourself into a better you, not changing those around you so you don’t have to change.

So we should all change together, Nancy Pelosi style? 

Everybody changes at their own pace.

But to say you woke up, when you clearly didn’t, now that angers people who witness your lie.

That’s not going to go away on its own.

‘No prejudice beyond prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. One leads to the other if left unchecked./

Where are you on that continuum? Once you walk through the door of discrimination, the door to enslavement more easily opens. Torture always turns to slaughter in one way or the other.

You lied. You didn’t wake up. You stole the paradigm, changed the tense of wake to woke, dropped the up and called it yours. You forgot that you need to wake up yourself.

Plus you plagiarized somebody else’s work. That’s not waked up or woked up. That’s mucked up and you did the muckin’.

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