The world just witnessed something ugly come out of the mouths of NATO

The world just witnessed something ugly come out of the mouths of NATO countries.

Now that President Putin has signed decrees recognizing the Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic thereby recommending their independence and sovereignty, this would be a great opportunity for Israel to do the same with Palestine – end the occupation, let the Palestinians be self-determined.

Russia is doing what Israel should have done a long time ago. And the response is deafening as threats against Russia came booming like bombs out of the mouths of so-called civilized leaders, who head so-called civilized countries.

Israel isn’t even in NATO and they’re responding in kind. What will they get out of that? Who even has to wonder. No freedom for Palestine from any country in that NATO NAZI Troupe that also seats themselves at the United Nations.

Cries for war against Russia in the form of severe sanctions for taking a courageous step showed their true NATO NAZI colors. NATO never did have peace and freedom on their minds. 

NATO, like Israel, had acquisition on their minds. Talk about an underhanded secret society organization. They’re the ones who were hijacking the Olympics, just like they did in 2014. Putin read them right.

It’s nobody’s business who these two countries like or dislike. They’re free to choose their own alliances. Looks like the NATO COUNTRIES disagreed. They want to determine who is free and who is not. NATO IS A DANGEROUS ORGANIZATION. 

It sounds like we never got out of the master-slavery era. NATO says give us your military and your treasured souls and we’ll make you one of us? Peacekeeper or peacemaker does not fit into that scenario.

It’s shocking that NATO countries are so arrogant that they decide which countries can be independent and which cannot. These are supposed to be democratic entities. The responses prove that NATO has taken behind the scenes actions to block the independence of these two countries who wanted to be independent sovereign nations. NATO shouldn’t have the right to decide that. And any sanction action implemented against Russia for setting these two countries free should be outlawed by the United Nations. But they seem to be in that same NAZI CAMP.

NATO threatens severe consequences against Russia as a result of freeing these two nations to act on their own behalf. NATO showed their dictator-style occupation-leaning ideologies by their collective response. 

On 29 November 2012, UN General Assembly resolution 67/19 passed, upgrading Palestine to "non-member observer state" status in the United Nations. The change in status was described as "de facto recognition of the sovereign state of Palestine".

The United Nations didn’t have the courage to allow Palestine to become a truly sovereign state of Palestine as this resolution indicates, otherwise Palestine would not be under continued occupation.

What does Israel gain? This writer believes it is predictable.

Truly disturbing. They acted like their own survival was contingent on denying these two countries, neighbors of Russia, their independence. It wasn’t their place. Keep your militaries out of the backyards of other countries. NATO countries wanted these two Republics under their thumbs to control for strategic military advantage over Russia. There is no other feed.

Remember when Britain de-occupied Palestine so the Jews could essentially re-occupy Palestine, as payment for the holocaust promised by Adolf Hitler? “Work will set you free”? The British and the USA were fine with that.

Well, Russia isn’t going into these two countries to occupy them, however if they need assistance and feel threatened by NATO countries plus Israel which right now NATO and Israel have expressed by actions and words threats that may require a military response, then the world will understand an intervention by Russia to help its neighbor be free from oppressive NATO and Israel.

Britain should not make this mistake again. Those two countries are not yours. Finish business in Palestine, that’s what you need to do. As I said before, these two Republics are free to choose their alliances.

Judging by the way members of NATO acted, no one should want to be engaged with such a militant dictatorial organization. Talk about world domination. I don’t think anybody knew before now just how dangerous NATO became since their formation post World War II.

NATO is not about freedom. NATO is about dividing and conquering. Israel loves that; that’s what they’re about too.

So all this time NATO countries were giving the green light every time Israel carpet-bombed Palestine when they didn’t have a military to respond.

Good to know.

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