Lindsay Graham Seeks Assassin online via Twitter. Do You Know What A Half-Assed Job Is?


Do You Know What A Half-Assed Job Means?

It is a metaphor of the human ass. Two buttocks. Two halves make a whole.

The reason government agencies, bureaus etc. fail so often is because they do a half-assed job. They spend one half of the time and effort doing the actual job or at least researching it, and the other half letting off steam – before – during – after.

One might wonder why they spend half the time spilling their collective guts everywhere, and only half the time getting the job done right.

They don’t know how to do whatever they’re doing right. They’re too young, with little actual life experience. Everything done is based on statistics and models and methods they follow, that don’t produce results.

There must be a better way to solve crimes than to rely on snitches or to set up proned-people to commit crimes…

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