COVID Rash Is Not What You Think – updated


I can’t prove what this is now, but I’ve had it for 4 months. The so-called rash has mutated several times within that time frame from circles the size of a pea or the end of a cigarette, to big red blotches, to pin point eruptions with tiny hard balls beneath the surface of the skin, and also presents itself as red blisters with water inside. The CDC is minimizing the rash they call it, that may not go away, which suggest a laboratory-designed virus that caused it – specifically the COVID vaccine.

Four months ago I got my last booster shot for COVID and not long thereafter this rash occurred. The USA government knows about it and is doing nothing, because it appears that there’s no cure, and they don’t want people not to take the vaccine.

I have seen lately in the drug store new and several anti-itch creams, which are ineffective.

I believe that the vaccines for COVID eliminated my ability to have a fever to fight off viruses in order to make the virus non-contagious. I have every symptom of a fever including severe night sweats, chills, weakness, absent the actual rise in temperature.

Anti-histamines do nothing to stop the intense itching.

I feel like I’m being tortured and healed, then tortured and healed over and over again.

Every time one gets a vaccine for COVID, the virus is entered directly into the bloodstream via an injection, designed by scientists to thwart contagiousness by eliminating one’s ability to have a fever. They wrongly assumed that a fever was required to pass the virus onto others.

This is a serious implication that needs immediate attention.

COVID rash is popping up everywhere, even on YouTube.

The CDC, so afraid of people not taking the vaccine, is intentionally being instructed to blame COVID instead of the VACCINE for this debilitating so-called rash.

Notice in the photo the lighter brown spots beneath the surface of the skin – those spots that healed and receded, but that are still present – for four months now. Just when I think maybe I see an end in sight, they pop up again, and again. The cycle is all the same. The tortured being thinks the torture is being let up as the spots heal, then the person is hit again.

Scratch one spot and all the others light up in a multitude of itches that could drive a normal person insane. Yet the USA government is so far in the dark that they’d rather talk about Donald Trump 24/7.

WAKE UP. This is a COVID VACCINE rash, not a COVID RASH. And there is no cure.

  • The Cleveland Clinic said there is no antidote. It cannot be undone.

The fact that it mutated again and again was proof enough for me.

You do know what torture leads to, right?


The fact that it healed, then simultaneously erupted in new adjacent areas in slightly different formations, again and again and again and again…proves to me an angry obsessive component, which was designed into the vaccine, by scientists without a conscience, to heal at such a strong force that it resulted in a combative response – to keep the victim alive for a lifetime of hell.

Notice that the two goals of the COVID vaccines, stated by scientists, were to keep people out of the hospital and not die. Your government didn’t tell you the rest of it.

*The actual third vaccination is on the back of the card. The healthcare person at the Cleveland Clinic wrote the fourth vaccine on the front bottom, calling it the 3rd COVID shot. There’s also a suspicious situation that goes along with the administration of this fourth shot that I don’t feel safe to write at this point. Maybe it’s nothing; maybe it’s something.

There’s more…


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