The Importance Of Being A Fruit Fly

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A brown American with British-Southern accent – and black African undertones sporting a hard to miss, hard to not, which smoothed him right out when he stopped dead in his tracks in the living room – spread his arms wide and high with exclamation points for eyes – THIS IS______THIS IS______


IT’S…Everything is so organized – never SAW ANYTHING like it anywhere, as he proceeded to say he’ll just be a minute – have to check to see if the windows work – you know, in case of an emergency and you have to jump from the 7th floor?

“Don’t give me any ideas”, I replied as he laughed saying that’s what I tell people, it’s a joke, he was trying to get the laugh out of me too.

Perfect timing. Now we’re best buds.

Blue eyes with an African slant – well they looked blue to me…

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