Black and White African

Black And White African

To be considered African you need to be Black. Even though you and your family were born and raised in Africa, if you are white, you don’t belong. Black equals African.

Nobody I know of refers to white peoples born and bred in Africa as Africans.

In the USA if you’re born and bred with legal status you’re an American, no matter your color or ethnicity. If you’re not legal, nobody knows you’re here, so how could anyone call you American?

With the Blacks it’s different. Who in Africa calls themselves Black? They’re African. In America they want to add black to their African and American status. How many names do you need?

Nobody calls themselves Irish American or European American or Spanish American or Chinese American or French or German or Greek American or Jewish American…except Africans wanting to be called African American.

If anything, when questioned about ethnicity, one cites their heritage, since America is such a young country and everybody, even the Native peoples, came from someplace else. Irish, Spanish and on and on. They don’t need to attach the American part to it. If you’re living here, people assume you’re American.

The Africans in America want to be called Black, by a race name that was designated by statisticians to study groups rather than an ethnic name, since they claim slave-sellers took their ethnicity away from them.

I understand that vantage point or perhaps more accurately that point of advantage. No one can take someone’s ethnicity from anybody, unless it’s falsely written on paper, but even then if it’s false, it’s a lie.

We all are who we are because others came before us from different parts of the world and mated with others from different parts of the world, joining ethnicities, not races. Race is a statistical paradigm/construct, call it what you want, but it’s not valid except to separate peoples for study and allocation purposes. No science in the world can deny your ancestry, based on statistical data or DNA or anything else.

White people in Africa don’t look African, because they’re not Black. There is a huge prejudice there. For Blacks it’s all about color. Blacks are the majority in Africa. Whites are the majority in America. In America Whites recognize many ethnicities as being American. In Africa, Blacks recognize only themselves as African.

There’s an advantage to being a color, since it is the color that decides what one group gets and another does not.

That’s called discrimination in any color.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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