Jewish is an adjective.

Jew is a noun.

Get used to it.

Enter that into your next round of dictionary and word usage books, which you compile and publish for everybody else, with an acceptable usage designation.

Contact McGraw Hill and Simon & Schuster.

“Who does she think she is, talking to us like that?”


Get the feel of it. Own you, not how somebody describes you.

Stop trying to own a word that nobody can say for fear of having their lives made a living hell.

Stop the ‘hell’ thing and others will stop wanting to destroy you before you destroy them.

When you tell the world that you don’t care that everybody hates you, that signals to them that you think you’re above everybody else and can do whatever you want to whomever you want – with impunity. You set up that circle of hatred so you can keep taking out vengeance on innocent people, making them fear you, so they’ll give you what you want.

That’s terrorism. Instilling fear is terrorism.

It’s odd that you don’t mind being called a terrorist, but scream when somebody calls you a Jew. Yet you want a Jewish state of Israel, based on your Jewness.

That’s some kind of convoluted strategy to take what you want from others. Keep popping them, so you can take the entire bank in reparations for name-calling.

Neo-nazis? Really? I thought they were you. Jews.

Yeah, they’re you.

Neo-Nazis are JEWS.

Nazis are socialists. You know, the people who take somebody’s land to give to somebody else expecting a favor in return?

What are you doing in Mexico anyway?

What? No engineers and architects in Mexico? Brazil? Central America, South America? Honduras??

What are you doing there beneath the radar?

Organizing, funding caravans of poor people funneling and tunneling them out of the regions you want to inhabit?

Found your real land of milk and honey did you?

The 13th Tribe of Israel – in Spain. Opportunity knocked and you walked straight through that door, hiding your tracks behind you by discounting the ‘find’ – Basque Country isn’t really your birth place after all. Such high hopes deflated.

Yeah, it is.

So where did your people go?

To the Americas. That’s why so many Jews are in the United States. And now going to Mexico and all the Americas. They’ve been there for a very long time.

Ever notice how Israel cares for the French Jews, no matter where they be? Well, half of Basque country is in France – half in Spain.

They don’t want France nor Spain. They want the Americas, the place to where the Basque people migrated. Self-governing people. They don’t like others telling them what to do. They don’t like other people’s rules and laws. So it would seem.

They never wanted the Middle East. It was given to them by the British. They left that hell long ago; why go back? They took what they could get and have paid dearly for it – and made others pay too.

The Americas, wow, that’s us. Those are our people. Not the stinky poor people who don’t want to work. Send them to the USA, where they’ll be dealt with. We have lots of our people in the USA. In fact, more there than anywhere.

By design?

We do everything by design.

Talk about lucrative. South of our own border. Yeah, we need a wall.

Drugs. Drugs. Jews are big drug takers. Look at Hollywood. Rain forests. Pharmaceuticals. They probably have diamonds and gold too. Silver. Copper. Lush, lush, lush, fertile, fertile. Just enough desert to make a statement –  to remind us how far we’ve come. They’ve got everything God promised us. Why do you think they never did anything with it all? God wouldn’t let them – till we arrived.

We’ve arrived. With engineers and architects.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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