Soul vs Parse

When a thought comes to you, write your soul as it comes out. Don’t parse it as you write; you’ll lose it.

Forget the Brits and all their rules to make everyone conform thus sound the same. They want to occupy your thoughts so they can control them. They do that by setting up rules that they make so they can understand what you write in their terms. It’s dictatorial overkill.

You be you. They have to be the same to stay sane.

When you’re done, then go back and parse. You’ll see that your soul is better understood than your parse only if you write the soul first.

The Brits parse from beginning to end, you never get the soul part since they’ve been parsing their soul before it gets to the ink. That’s why it takes so long for them to say something. They fear what the soul will reveal about them if it touches the ink before they’ve had an opportunity to examine it. That’s their quirk not yours, so be you, write your soul first – you and your soul are a team.

With the Brits, their soul is inferior to them, not an equal partner, more a bother. What if there’s only one big soul in the universe and somebody else’s words end up on my paper? If you believe in one God-soul for the entire universe, then that might be a concern. You decide.

Write your soul and no one will get bored, nor will they need an accompanying book of notes to interpret your words. Plus, they’ll come back for more.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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