Happy Valentine’s Day, BABE

He’s still my BABE after 51 years. He’s wearing where we met today – @ The PARROT back in 1970. On the beach. Ft. Lauderdale. Their gimmick? 7 beers for a dollar, all brought out at once on a tray – 7 ouncers. It was the place to be. Steve gave the owner a tip on a horse, the owner won and never charged us a cover fee after that. When we showed up late and were at the end of the line, his boys were all instructed to let us go ahead. We were two kids feeling like ROYALTY. Steve and Mrs. Steve they called us. Great memories for a Valentine’s Day!

Thank you BABE. “The first time I ever saw your face” by Roberta Flack was our love song.

In background > yeah, we still have our little Christmas Tree up on 14 February 2023.

edit: Steve called from the store where he’s getting supplies for the day. I read him what I wrote here on Facebook. He said the only thing I would change is they were 7 ounces, not 6. Okay, so I’ll change it. So then I ask what he called for, oh, I was wondering if you wanted a beer or non-alcohol beer. I said well, okay, since it is a holiday. Yeah, he says, in honor of the PARROT. (He’s the only one I ever do that for, though, in case anybody gets any ideas). lol – it’s good for you – the laughing!


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