Not all poor people are the same. 

Neither are all rich people the same.

Not all white people are the same nor all black, brown, red, yellow or shades of each.

Not all men, women, transgenders, gays are the same.

Not all apes, birds, dogs, cats, goats, cows etc. are the same either.

So why do scientists and statisticians keep trying to fit round pegs into square holes?

What is it with these scientists?

There lies hope in the fact that not all scientists and statisticians think and act the same, even though they often pretend to agree with their colleagues in order to maintain acceptance within their respective groups.

Then let them show their faces, what they really think, who they really are.

It’s time to free the scientists from the bureaucracy of corruption within their respective fields.

Therein lies the real power of science – truth beyond doubt. Why heal a few based on the lies of research, when you can heal everyone with the truth of rigor?

Science is financially bent toward corruption from the start. Who’s paying for what study, for what purpose and for what result, that will either save or make someone or some company more money.

The populace serves as a vast field of experimental subjects upon which to apply their pseudo science techniques designed to keep them alive, but not well enough to function optimally.

One medicine cures as long as you take it, then gives you another ailment via side effects, then the side effects get treated with another drug and up pops another ailment needing treatment as that winding road to nowhere gets longer and longer till the subject finally succumbs – dies of old age they say, an age that was predetermined by statisticians who deem what they consider a decent life span given their number of experimental trials.

The scientists who operate secretly, holding back knowledge to the public by five to ten years while the wealthy donors get fast-tracked to the head of the line with new information, must consign themselves to corruption in order to stay a scientist. They know the deal up front. As long as they don’t cure everybody, then everybody in the healthcare industry stays employed.

Those jobs feed people, is the bottom line reason for doing all they do to keep you unwell – and perpetually in the dark with mantras like, “the benefit outweighs the risk, but you decide”.

Hope keeps you addicted to their experimental mania which you intuitively know is not for your benefit, but for those whom you’ve been assigned to keep in business and gainfully employed by your sicknesses, that could have been alleviated or even prevented, if the slaughter industries hadn’t been forcing dead animals and all their body parts down your throats since birth to keep the investors wealthy and their staffs employed.

If you challenge them, they’ll just fire you as a patient and then what? They know they can do a better job for everybody, but they conform in order to keep their own jobs.

Free the scientists, before someone commissions them to wipe out huge segments of populations as the planet swells beyond capacity from excessive consumption for the sole purpose of keeping people employed and giving the wealthy investors even greater wealth thus greater control over every facet of your lives.

The power is in your hands. Heal yourself by consuming that which will optimize your health, rather than that which creates more sickness. Stop believing the lies of advertisers. Think for yourselves. Demand more answers from the scientists and the CEOs of the companies who hire them. What right do they have to set your death date for you in their predicted life expectancy figures? No, they do not base their figures on the past. If they did then the present and future life expectancy would be the same as the past and it isn’t.

What I’m saying is the figures could be better than the current estimated increase in life expectancy that they determine based on the continued sicknesses brought about mainly by your consumption of poisonous products, requiring more and more medication making huge profits off of those sicknesses and side effects that don’t go away.

They treat you just like the animals they experiment on. Treat, heal, treat, heal, treat, heal until you’re spent, then you die or get a transplant – another experiment and on and on…

Stop consuming any part of any animal is the best thing you can do for yourself.

If you still get sick, and you will occasionally, then do your research. Don’t do everything your doctor says without question. Ask questions, demand answers. If everybody does it, they’ll have to change their corrupt culture. They can make drugs with fewer and less intense side effects. They don’t for all the above reasons – that boil down to one word PROFIT.

You have the power. Use it.

Don’t let wealthy investors decide your life expectancy.

When you’re prescribed a drug, it’s the same drug that all people are prescribed. No one designs drugs for each group. It’s too costly, so all they manipulate is the dosage. That’s the POINT OF FAILURE where they use dosage to accommodate differences. Instead of taking into account actual differences, they only account for strength of dose without manipulating any other factors, that happen to show up as side effects because of it.

Drugs interact with all systems of the body when we take them. Just because we’re all animals, doesn’t mean all of our systems work the same. Most drugs are designed for men. Women have different systems, children have different systems. So doctors are told to simply reduce the dose making everybody even. That IS NOT A SCIENTIFIC CONSTRUCT. That is a CON. Reducing the dose does not account for differences. Hormones – all hormones – play a role in what makes groups different.

High, more powerful doses are all the thing now. It works, they say. Yes, when looking at test scores, but are the predicted, targeted test scores really what is optimal for each individual? No. They are not, especially when the quality of life is diminished to where the patient feels worse than before they took the drug.

If scientists fail to pay attention to a patient’s objective assessment of what their body feels like, then why have doctors; just offer over the counter drugs for various ailments, and let the people pick and choose what’s right for them. It looks like that’s the future.

Why do so many doctors so often misdiagnose patients? Number one is they don’t listen to the patient. Number two is patients and medicine have become too standardized, creating chaos in the entire medical field that seeks to treat everybody the same when they clearly are not the same. Number three is they learn by rote; they can memorize large amounts of data, but generally they are not good problem solvers.

Every action in the entire medical field has become an experiment. Under those conditions, failure is more often accepted than rejected as the price one pays for the experimental process. That needs to change and change quickly. So-called science has manipulated truth to such an extent that it’s difficult to call it science.

Except for physics and even that could at some point be altered by the evolution of the universe, all other sciences are based on theory, ranging from rarely to almost always in degree of occurrence of whatever is under consideration.

The major flaw of the scientific method as we know it is the process of insertion, withdrawal, reinsertion to determine the effects of any variable before, during, after. There needs to be a way to determine truth using a more accurate model of discovery.

Scientists so far have not been able to prove or disprove the existence of a God force anywhere in the universe, precisely because they would have to withdraw God, then reinsert God in order to prove its existence. In order to withdraw God one needs to find God, identify God then experiment. Do you see the flaw there? If one can already identify God, then one wouldn’t need to withdraw God, then reinsert God. That’s a conundrum. The problem is defining God.

All problems begin with a definition that is flawed. Language and perception. How to agree on that.

A person is born, then they die. No one has to bring the person back to life in order to prove it existed. We can see it. Before the microscope no one knew that there was an entire universe of microorganisms existing wherever life existed. Once we saw we knew. However, danger moves in when the scientists start extrapolating new information based on what they see to predict future patterns, that the general population doesn’t see. How do we trust that what they see isn’t interpreted in a corrupt way for all the usual reasons? How do we trust the decisions they make based on what they cannot see?

How do we trust the same drugs given to everybody for the same ailment, when the bodies receiving the drugs are different and no alterations are factored into the designs to accommodate them?

The fact that different people have different experiences with the same drug points to a need to factor in those differences while the drug is still in the design stage.

Just do it. Let go of the corruption before the entire planet explodes from bad science. It’s not just the people under consideration here; it’s all of it – every nook and cranny where science operates, which means in every cell and non-cell on the planet science is the home.

Science wants to be accurately recognized. Wouldn’t you?

Work harder on removing the side effects. It’s not up to the scientists, nor anyone else, to punish the patient for being sick. You made them sick with your corruption; now you fix it.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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