The Kirby Manor Invasions Part 3

Steve and police officer badge # 758 left the apartment at Steve’s suggestion to go talk to the Kirby Manor office, since they had made no effort to contact him regarding the forcible entry to install an anti-incendiary device with a service dog home alone, and since a strange, unknown man approached us after hours, slurring his speech, stating that Kirby Manor did not tell him to install the device, somebody else, here, did and so it went… Refer to The Kirby Manor Invasions Part 1 and 2 on this site for the rest.

Prior to coming to our apartment, after all, we called the police out to our home (apt.) at the urging of the National Church Residences HOT LINE person named Arlee, and the Cleveland Housing Court; Kirby Manor was not the one who called the police.

The responding officer #758 claimed she went to the office first, before coming to our apartment and claimed there was no one there. Again, we called the police; why the police sought Kirby Manor’s input before they got ours is highly questionable and prejudiced in favor of Kirby Manor. Neither National Church Residences, Kirby Manor nor Cleveland police are our power of attorney and have no right to make decisions on our behalf. They are not our family.

Further, the police have no right to discuss us, the offended, with them, the offenders.

When somebody gets raped, and the offended calls the police, they don’t go to the rapist to get their story of what happened first; they go to the person who called the police.

Whatever power over the tenants that National Church Residences claims to the police that they possess is highly irregular, reckless, discriminatory and abusive. Nobody owns anybody who lives in a senior affordable housing complex, contrary to what the Cleveland Police, National Church Residences and Kirby Manor so claim by their actions.

Steve explained to the police officer that the office moved to the first floor, so they both went, while I stayed back with our service dog Lilly Belle.

As they left, Steve showed the police officer the camera outside our door, that was aimed at our door and explained that Stephanie Jackson had been harassing us since she arrived, saying it wasn’t allowed, it was illegal, the other tenants complained about it, that we needed permission to have it and on and on.

Steve explained further that we had permission from a previous manager, but she wouldn’t accept that. He explained further that staff had entered our home without notice, that our previous service dog Rose died under suspicious circumstances, that the head of maintenance stole two of our valued paintings/prints and that Steve caught him red-handed putting them into the trunk of this car, so we needed protection from the illegal activities perpetrated by Kirby Manor/National Church Residences staff.

The police officer acknowledged it.

When Steve and the police officer arrived at the office it appeared that they had already been alerted that the officer was out to see us, since the man who showed up at the door was also present.

The manager, Stephanie Jackson went into a tirade saying to Steve in front of the police officer and the man at the door, “I hardly ever see or talk to you, the only time is every 2-3 months you cause trouble with something like this. You’re nothing but trouble”. 

She said she’s had an issue with that security system camera, that “it’s illegal, it doesn’t belong here, you need permission and other tenants complained”. Steve looked at the police officer and said, “see”.

“You’re month to month”, said the manager. “You only have to give a 30 day notice. If you’re not happy here, leave”

“You’re free to go whenever you want and I wish you would.”

It’s strange that she requires a notice to vacate, but doesn’t abide by the lease agreement that there be a 24 hour notice to enter our home.

Back to the man who showed up at our door acting erratically in the evening, apparently sent by National Church Residences and Kirby Manor to harass us further.

He knew we had a security system; he knew there was a camera, everybody knew. People gossip about us – probably because we mind our own business. Everybody knows we have a service dog.

This man, knowing the door was locked and there was no one home, chose to enter anyway. In hindsight, it looks more like he wanted to see if the alarm worked, otherwise he would have called the office to see what he should do. If he enters and the alarm goes off, the police will come out if no one turns the alarm off.

As it turns out, ATT Digital canceled their home alarm business and turned it over to BRINKS. We could re-up with them, but knew the management wouldn’t approve it. Management said so, over and over again that it was illegal.

I had no choice but to let it expire. ATT Digital said it wasn’t necessary to return the equipment. I unhooked it from the internet, yet kept the camera up as a deterrent.

It turned out not to be a deterrent, since the man who showed up at our door forcibly entered anyway, apparently by the instruction of National Church Residences via Kirby Manor management, Stephanie Jackson.

Now he, and all those he talks to, know that we are unprotected from entry by anyone who knows how to pick a lock or use a master key, or lend the master key to somebody else.

Now the whole world knows we are unprotected because Kirby Manor and National Church Residences just couldn’t stand that we had a security system to protect our service dog Lilly Belle against unwanted intruders. They proved our case of needing one, by their criminal actions wanting to see if that alarm would go off – and it didn’t.

That art heist that was being planned will go off without a hitch. Someone will enter and remove the art, someone else will enter and take the “valued” service dog. The USA government will make sure there is a reason why Steve and I have to be away from home at the same time.

Knowing there’s no alarm system this will be on the heads of the Cleveland Police who decided that Kirby Manor staff and National Church Residences were our masters and they owned us – our persons, our service dog and our art collection.

There’s no turning that clock back.

We three are being terrorized.

I asked the guy who showed up at our door, pointing at the camera, don’t you know what this is for? He just kept up with his erratic movements, groans, moans, pointing at me, flailing his arms, pointing at the door where Lilly Belle was that day.

And I’m supposed to feel safe?

I wonder who these neighbors were who the manager Stephanie Jackson claimed made complaints? The parolees? The criminals? The thieves? The undercover cops? The addicts? The Mossad? The CIA? The sex slave traders? The real trouble makers?

In fourteen years we never made a complaint about another tenant. Like I said, we mind our own business. Stephanie Jackson, manager, spends too much time in the office trying to get dirt on the people she doesn’t like, mostly white people and Jews.

Stephanie Jackson said she wanted us out. Why? Because we had the audacity to stand up for our civil and privacy rights as senior citizens.

No leasing company has a right to deny us our civil rights and no police department has a right to tell us if we have a crime related problem, to tell the office and they’ll call us.

Unfortunately the Cleveland police also denied us those rights, giving Kirby Manor and National Church Residence control over us. Why? Because of our age. That’s ageism. That’s racism – we’re white and they don’t like white people.

The security camera wasn’t a deterrent, neither will this NO TRESPASSING SIGN be a deterrent. There’s nothing else we can do, but wait for the next KIRBY INVASION.

KIRBY MANOR, NATIONAL CHURCH RESIDENCES and CLEVELAND POLICE need to learn a lesson about portraying themselves as our keepers. We as USA citizens do not answer to them. We have a business arrangement, the other offending parties tried to make it into a slave and master agreement.

Kirby Manor residents need to be protected from Kirby Manor staff and the Cleveland police.

National Church Residences

2335 North Bank Drive 

Columbus, OH 43220 

United States


614.451.2151 ; Fax: 614.442.4390 (TDD)

Mark Ricketts – Chief Executive Officer – National Church Residences | LinkedIn.



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