Most people wouldn’t go out and actually kill the animal they purchase at the supermarket, yet they relish the anticipation of the preparation of the meal and subsequent feast. Most people, unless pushed to an unfathomable rage and disgust, just couldn’t do it. They couldn’t stomach doing it, nor stomach watching somebody else doing it.Continue reading “TEAR DOWN THAT FOUNDATION”


The USA keeps bragging around the globe, that we’re the most powerful nation on earth, yet they keep demanding that other nations solve the Middle East situation. If the most powerful nation on earth with all it’s intelligence and resources can’t do it, why do they expect newly formed governments produced by the Arab SpringContinue reading “BOMBING GAZA”


People who protest the loudest and the most vehemently against the rights of non-human animals are the ones closest to accepting those rights as valid. Since birth, everything they believed in, that was formulated for them before they entered this world, via society’s prejudice against all that didn’t walk, talk and act like a humanContinue reading “HUMANS ARE AN EXISTENTIAL THREAT TO ALL BEINGS, INCLUDING THEMSELVES.”

Food Preference Testing

You’ve been psychologically programmed to think that foods containing animal products taste better than foods without animal products. The researchers will claim that they conduct blind taste testings proving it, which means that the subject participating in the experiment tastes the products without knowledge of what’s in them–no labels and no ingredient lists. So forContinue reading “Food Preference Testing”


The Gods of the rich people get bailouts paid by us, then those bad Gods raise all of our interest rates and fees, while changing at will the terms of the contract. The following is the Gods of the poor people giving you a bail out. There are more poor people than rich people, soContinue reading “A NON-BINDING CONTRACT vs A BINDING CONTRACT”

Sacrificial HOLOCAUST Slaughter

A holocaust can be the sacrificing of one or a billion and one or more – with the feigned, always the feigned, purpose of making a better life for those not sacrificed. The letting of the blood of a lamb, the burning of a witch, burning humans corralled in locked barns in Africa, aerial bombingContinue reading “Sacrificial HOLOCAUST Slaughter”


 The problem with setting pre-conditions before engagement is that people simply don’t like being dictated to, especially world leaders, with big egos, and they all have them. As a consequence, they’ll dig their heels in, then the people setting the pre-conditions will impose sanctions, then the populace who   always suffer the most will beContinue reading “PREVENTION VS CONTAINMENT”


Sodium Pentathol isn’t a truth serum. Jack Daniels isn’t a truth serum. Marijuana isn’t a truth serum. LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) is not a truth serum. All these methods used by terrorist agencies to extract intel from people who don’t support their terror policies, presuppose that all the thoughts floating around in the mind/brain canContinue reading “TRUTH SERUMS”


I used to think that eating mollusks (clams, mussels, scallops, oysters) was okay, because according to Pete Singer they were simple organisms without nervous systems and he implied that it was okay to eat them, because he doubted they could feel pain. So even though I considered myself animal-free, when dining out, I’d make thatContinue reading “HAPPY AS A CLAM NOT EATEN”


There’s only one side I’m on in any dispute. Even when all sides agree, I am still on only one side and that’s the side of the Five Principles To A Better Life: no prejudice beyond prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. One leads to the other if left unchecked. For example, if all sidesContinue reading “COMPUTERIZED MEDICAL RECORDS – updated”


When you eliminate all animal products from your diet, you’ll notice the difference in how you feel, how you think, how you act and react. You’ll know that you’re addicted to eating the blood when you want a snack, but nothing animal-free appeals to you. For example, you’ll feel like a piece of cheese, aContinue reading “ADDICTED TO THE BLOOD”


A commercial for a multi-vegetable juice: ‘It’s not easy to get all the vegetables you need, when you don’t like the taste of them’. Score cards appear above the heads of a black man and a black woman sitting at a table. On each on their plates sits two whole, over-sized broiled chickens, surrounded byContinue reading “V-8 FUSION”


In the world today, everybody wants God to heal them and to stop the torture when it’s happening to them. Donna Brazile says, “Why God? Why God?” to the history of enslavement, yet she eats the results of PDETAS everyday. (Prejudice, Discrimination, Enslavement, Torture and Slaughter). Donna Brazile gives a post mortem eulogy for theContinue reading ““WHY GOD? WHY GOD?””

To The Pharmaceuticals:

If any medication you develop has a side effect of suicidal thoughts and/or actions, then go back to the laboratory. If just one person dies, then you committed murder against that person, because you knew what the drug caused and you willingly put it on the market. The fact that everyone doesn’t die is notContinue reading “To The Pharmaceuticals:”


LAWS ARE GOVERNMENT Conservative Republicans claim they want less government. Laws are the primary method used to govern peoples, nations. Conservatives claim that they want less government controlling their lives, their businesses, their future. Yet, all the laws created in the USA that allow banks, credit card companies, mortgage companies, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies toContinue reading “BIG GOVERNMENT, BIG BUSINESS, BIG BIRD”


Britain’s Defense Secretary Philip Hammond pressures the world to “tighten the squeeze” against Iran, calling Iran’s nuclear program “mad”.  Iran claims it’s peaceful, he claims it isn’t. Looks like Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel is having his intended effect on Hammond. Guess we know who wears the Israeli pants in Great(?) Britain. As theContinue reading ““TIGHTEN THE SQUEEZE ON IRAN” SAYS BRITAIN’S PHILIP HAMMOND”


GOD IS OPPRESSED? If you keep your God separate from you, then you oppress your God. If you keep your God higher or lower than you, then you oppress your God. If you walk with your God, then you oppress your God. Only when you recognize that you are your own God is your GodContinue reading “FREE GOD”


Any person elected president in the USA becomes a killer overnight. Obama slipped into that role with ease. He even bragged about killing Osama bin Laden on national and international television. He kept wanting to get the credit for it. I wonder if he thought about it in advance and how it might impact hisContinue reading “WHEN THE PRESIDENT BECOMES A KILLER”

President Obama Talks with Fork-Tongue while addressing the U.N. General Assembly

“…For as the city outside these walls makes clear, we are a country that has welcomed people of every race and every faith.  We are home to Muslims who worship across our country. We not only respect the freedom of religion, we have laws that protect individuals from being harmed because of how they lookContinue reading “President Obama Talks with Fork-Tongue while addressing the U.N. General Assembly”


I watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics hosted by London. I was expecting spectacular. They didn’t have to compete with China, they had to only be themselves. Well,  maybe because I’m part English, I wanted them to excel, but it really didn’t matter what I am, I just wanted to see a really goodContinue reading “OPENING OLYMPICS CEREMONY 2012 | LONDON ENGLAND”


If the USA goes into Syria with military air power, they’ll be committing the same slaughter they accuse the Syrian government of committing. They’ll be committing the same slaughter that the Syrian opposition is committing against their own government. In fact, the USA is committing that same slaughter all over the globe using bombs, troops,Continue reading “FIGHTING WARS WITH SLAUGHTER”


It is well known that Jews respect those they fear. Jews don’t respect Iranians, thus they don’t fear them. Jews don’t respect Palestinians, thus they don’t fear them. ‘The sky is falling’ is not a fear-based strategy used by Israelis and Jews to get what they want. It has nothing to do with their fear.Continue reading “BINGO”


Everything, everybody, all life and non-life have the same name: God.  In order to create order and understanding, we attach sub names to all entities.  No God is capable of acting, or not acting, independently of any other God. That is one thing, the only thing, in the universe that is impossible.  We are notContinue reading “ONLY ONE THING IMPOSSIBLE”

George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman did not murder Trayvon Martin. I will tell you this with all certainty, although I don’t have a gun, if somebody was on top of me pounding my head into the ground, if I had a gun on me, and if I could reach it, I would shoot. Trayvon knew that nobody, white,Continue reading “George Zimmerman”

Biological Weapons

The point of a biological weapon is to destroy nervous systems, not to cure those nervous systems. Thus, there is no antidote. Scientists were not instructed to cure, only to destroy. Anybody who challenges their government puts themselves in the position of being attacked, individually, by those biological neurotoxins. Obama already said that he wouldContinue reading “Biological Weapons”


Trayvon doesn’t need a last name anymore. He went down fighting a forever war against ‘white’ people. Anybody not black is white, as even Roland Martin would think in his isolation. ‘White’ people are the forever enemy. Trayvon will Rise on Easter Sunday 8 April 2012. He will rise to make peace in his Mama’sContinue reading “TRAYVON”

Religious Disobedience Is The New Civil Disobedience

And it’s long overdue. We no longer live in a male dominated world where the man in all ways can claim power over all beneath him. The operative word here is ‘beneath’. This relic of a hierarchy denotes and connotes superiority of one race over another: men over women. Congratulations to those who launched theContinue reading “Religious Disobedience Is The New Civil Disobedience”

FAIR IS FAIR – Israel | Iran

Israel wants to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities. The reason they recently cited: “We have post trauma from the holocaust”. Twenty-three million humans died during World War II. Six million were Jews, who were considered the underclass of Europe. Not a good excuse. Israel claims to possess over 200 nuclear weapons. I’m more concerned about aContinue reading “FAIR IS FAIR – Israel | Iran”


Taming your own God doesn’t mean that you tame your God into submission. It means that when you and your God are on the same page, then the two of you, working together create a powerhouse, giving you more control over your actions, thus success at that which you endeavor to do.  People with courageContinue reading “PALMS vs THUMBS”

The Pope And Procreation Rights

The Pope, head of the Catholic Church, forbids the use of condoms, birth control pills and the morning after pill based on a theological view that people by nature and God’s design are meant to procreate, and that nothing should stand in the way of that procreation, except abstinence. “Be fruitful and multiply”. But doContinue reading “The Pope And Procreation Rights”


Nobody has a right to check your body fluids or cavities against your will. You own you only, which means you own your body. Hospitals and doctors need your permission to treat you for any disease, or check for any disorder. Police, and airline personnel, on the other hand, do whatever they want with yourContinue reading “OWNERSHIP OF SELF”


  Clearing the Air Webster’s dictionary states that the word “kike” is a disparaging name that other people call Jews. In other words, it’s a name that non-Jews call Jews. I asked my researcher for the derivative of the word. He said, “there is no derivative.” That’s strange. How can there not be a derivative? EveryContinue reading “THE WORD “KIKE””

Happy Independence Day!

It isn’t the Irish Americans asking the USA to commit holocausts around the globe in their name. It isn’t the Polish or German Americans. It isn’t the African-Americans or the Italian Americans. It isn’t even the Native Americans stirring up trouble around the globe because we as Americans oppress them. No. Go down or upContinue reading “Happy Independence Day!”


Washington DC’s rebuke of the most recent Israeli settlement surge is meaningless. The rebuke makes the USA look good to the world, while hands behind the backs show crossed finger poses made just for Israel–a self-portrait of who the USA really is. Will the real United States of America please stand up? When the JewsContinue reading “ISRAELI SETTLEMENT SURGE”

Is Israeli Government Truly Democratic?

Is Israel a true democracy or, like so many other things the Israelis do, are they playing a game with appearances in order to make the world think of them as truly democratic? Having the right to vote for a candidate is only one part of the democratic equation. Who you’re able to vote forContinue reading “Is Israeli Government Truly Democratic?”


To recognize Israel as a Jewish state rather than an Israeli state is like Palestinians demanding that Israel recognize Palestine as a Muslim state. The Jews are going too far by expecting Palestine to determine Israel’s demographics. The Israelis are doing this in advance of negotiations on the Palestinians’ right to return to their homeland.Continue reading “ISRAEL DEMANDS RECOGNITION AS JEWISH RATHER THAN ISRAELI STATE”


 QUOTE on Facebook “I can’t relate to people who go vegan strictly for health or environmental reasons. I don’t feel like I have anything in common with those people at all. I am vegan 100% for ethical reasons. I think it’s wrong to rape, torture and murder. The health and environmental benefits of veganism areContinue reading “NOBODY IS 100% VEGAN”

To Airlines:

To Airlines That Still Transport Primates For Torture: During World War II the same experiments that are now conducted on primates were done on human prisoners of war. Banning the practice was the only correct action to take. These torturers however, found another target–those who have no say in what happens to them: all theContinue reading “To Airlines:”

bears a repeat: POOR PEOPLE

Obama refuses to call poor people poor. He calls them “people trying to get into the middle class.” Hey, there goes Sharon and Steve. Yeah, they’re trying to get into the middle class. I’d rather be called poor than be called outside of the fold. A democrat, a president (now former president), can’t even sayContinue reading “bears a repeat: POOR PEOPLE”

To The Scientists Of The World

Why won’t the scientists of the world come out of the closet and tell the world that animals have nervous systems? Cut a nerve and it hurts like hell. Cut a bone and it hurts worse than hell. Skin them alive and the internal scream is heard throughout the universe. Say it in unison. LoudContinue reading “To The Scientists Of The World”

USA and Israel Threatening Nuclear Holocaust…

Israel and the USA emphatically state that if Iran develops a nuclear weapon capability, then Iran will launch that weapon against the USA, Israel and even Europe. Yet, both Israel and the USA are considering blowing up Iran’s nuclear facilities. Blowing up a nuclear facility is the same as launching a nuclear weapon against thatContinue reading “USA and Israel Threatening Nuclear Holocaust…”

The Question Isn’t When Life Begins…

Life begins at conception? Life begins with an egg–the egg is life. Life begins with a sperm–the sperm is life. The baby, whether it be a giraffe, a dog, a fish, a lamb, a bird, a human…begins to develop at conception. When the baby is viable outside the body of the mother/host that baby isContinue reading “The Question Isn’t When Life Begins…”

Re: Unions and Collective Bargaining Rights

By weakening unions and stripping workers of collective bargaining rights in the USA, the power of the workers to negotiate on their own behalf is transferred to a  handful of people in the government, leaving the workers without a voice that can make a difference and without recourse to address their needs. Republicans say theyContinue reading “Re: Unions and Collective Bargaining Rights”


EXERPT from “BOOK OF STARTLING VIEWS by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight Rachel Maddow wants to do away with the word ‘right’ and substitute the word ‘correct’ to mean the same thing. There’s too much baggage associated with the word ‘right’ from the media’s persistent and obsessive use of it to describe in sweeping terms a person with conservativeContinue reading “RACHEL MADDOW: ‘RIGHT’ vs ‘CORRECT’”


Why kill someone for destroying the Koran? If the Koran is the word of God, then the word of God is already imprinted on the souls of all existence. By killing someone who destroys a piece of paper, you’re demonstrating a lack of confidence in your own God and your own soul. Destroying the KoranContinue reading “HOLY BOOKS ARE WEAPONS”