Taming your own God doesn’t mean that you tame your God into submission. It means that when you and your God are on the same page, then the two of you, working together create a powerhouse, giving you more control over your actions, thus success at that which you endeavor to do.  People with courageContinue reading “PALMS vs THUMBS”

The Pope And Procreation Rights

The Pope, head of the Catholic Church, forbids the use of condoms, birth control pills and the morning after pill based on a theological view that people by nature and God’s design are meant to procreate, and that nothing should stand in the way of that procreation, except abstinence. “Be fruitful and multiply”. But doContinue reading “The Pope And Procreation Rights”


Nobody has a right to check your body fluids or cavities against your will. You own you only, which means you own your body. Hospitals and doctors need your permission to treat you for any disease, or check for any disorder. Police, and airline personnel, on the other hand, do whatever they want with yourContinue reading “OWNERSHIP OF SELF”


  Clearing the Air Webster’s dictionary states that the word “kike” is a disparaging name that other people call Jews. In other words, it’s a name that non-Jews call Jews. I asked my researcher for the derivative of the word. He said, “there is no derivative.” That’s strange. How can there not be a derivative? EveryContinue reading “THE WORD “KIKE””

Happy Independence Day!

It isn’t the Irish Americans asking the USA to commit holocausts around the globe in their name. It isn’t the Polish or German Americans. It isn’t the African-Americans or the Italian Americans. It isn’t even the Native Americans stirring up trouble around the globe because we as Americans oppress them. No. Go down or upContinue reading “Happy Independence Day!”


Washington DC’s rebuke of the most recent Israeli settlement surge is meaningless. The rebuke makes the USA look good to the world, while hands behind the backs show crossed finger poses made just for Israel–a self-portrait of who the USA really is. Will the real United States of America please stand up? When the JewsContinue reading “ISRAELI SETTLEMENT SURGE”

Is Israeli Government Truly Democratic?

Is Israel a true democracy or, like so many other things the Israelis do, are they playing a game with appearances in order to make the world think of them as truly democratic? Having the right to vote for a candidate is only one part of the democratic equation. Who you’re able to vote forContinue reading “Is Israeli Government Truly Democratic?”


To recognize Israel as a Jewish state rather than an Israeli state is like Palestinians demanding that Israel recognize Palestine as a Muslim state. The Jews are going too far by expecting Palestine to determine Israel’s demographics. The Israelis are doing this in advance of negotiations on the Palestinians’ right to return to their homeland.Continue reading “ISRAEL DEMANDS RECOGNITION AS JEWISH RATHER THAN ISRAELI STATE”


 QUOTE on Facebook “I can’t relate to people who go vegan strictly for health or environmental reasons. I don’t feel like I have anything in common with those people at all. I am vegan 100% for ethical reasons. I think it’s wrong to rape, torture and murder. The health and environmental benefits of veganism areContinue reading “NOBODY IS 100% VEGAN”

To Airlines:

To Airlines That Still Transport Primates For Torture: During World War II the same experiments that are now conducted on primates were done on human prisoners of war. Banning the practice was the only correct action to take. These torturers however, found another target–those who have no say in what happens to them: all theContinue reading “To Airlines:”

bears a repeat: POOR PEOPLE

Obama refuses to call poor people poor. He calls them “people trying to get into the middle class.” Hey, there goes Sharon and Steve. Yeah, they’re trying to get into the middle class. I’d rather be called poor than be called outside of the fold. A democrat, a president (now former president), can’t even sayContinue reading “bears a repeat: POOR PEOPLE”

To The Scientists Of The World

Why won’t the scientists of the world come out of the closet and tell the world that animals have nervous systems? Cut a nerve and it hurts like hell. Cut a bone and it hurts worse than hell. Skin them alive and the internal scream is heard throughout the universe. Say it in unison. LoudContinue reading “To The Scientists Of The World”

USA and Israel Threatening Nuclear Holocaust…

Israel and the USA emphatically state that if Iran develops a nuclear weapon capability, then Iran will launch that weapon against the USA, Israel and even Europe. Yet, both Israel and the USA are considering blowing up Iran’s nuclear facilities. Blowing up a nuclear facility is the same as launching a nuclear weapon against thatContinue reading “USA and Israel Threatening Nuclear Holocaust…”

The Question Isn’t When Life Begins…

Life begins at conception? Life begins with an egg–the egg is life. Life begins with a sperm–the sperm is life. The baby, whether it be a giraffe, a dog, a fish, a lamb, a bird, a human…begins to develop at conception. When the baby is viable outside the body of the mother/host that baby isContinue reading “The Question Isn’t When Life Begins…”

Re: Unions and Collective Bargaining Rights

By weakening unions and stripping workers of collective bargaining rights in the USA, the power of the workers to negotiate on their own behalf is transferred to a  handful of people in the government, leaving the workers without a voice that can make a difference and without recourse to address their needs. Republicans say theyContinue reading “Re: Unions and Collective Bargaining Rights”


EXERPT from “BOOK OF STARTLING VIEWS by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight Rachel Maddow wants to do away with the word ‘right’ and substitute the word ‘correct’ to mean the same thing. There’s too much baggage associated with the word ‘right’ from the media’s persistent and obsessive use of it to describe in sweeping terms a person with conservativeContinue reading “RACHEL MADDOW: ‘RIGHT’ vs ‘CORRECT’”


Why kill someone for destroying the Koran? If the Koran is the word of God, then the word of God is already imprinted on the souls of all existence. By killing someone who destroys a piece of paper, you’re demonstrating a lack of confidence in your own God and your own soul. Destroying the KoranContinue reading “HOLY BOOKS ARE WEAPONS”