A Prison Break A Bombing

“Israel strikes Gaza as Palestinians celebrate prison break” Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 8 September 2021 What country in the world bombs another country’s military site in response to a prison break? No one would even consider it. Jews are just looking for reasons to bomb and nobody has the will to stop them. Palestine has a militaryContinue reading “A Prison Break A Bombing”

What’s With The Pervert Obsession Of Brits?

What’s With The Pervert Obsession Of Brits? Everybody calls everybody a PERV. Women and gays do it more than anyone. Right to the guy’s face or behind his back, it’s delivered like a death sentence. Sharp as a spike through the heart and brain at once. Kill the guy won’t don’t you. What’s with BritishContinue reading “What’s With The Pervert Obsession Of Brits?”

In Britain It’s Socially Acceptable For Men To Call Women Cunts

In Britain It’s Socially Acceptable For Men To Call Women Cunts That says something about the lack of respect that British men have for women. Stop bringing that prejudice and vile disrespect of women to America. If you can’t help yourselves, then contain yourselves. Your bad habits spread like viruses all over the globe. WakeContinue reading “In Britain It’s Socially Acceptable For Men To Call Women Cunts”

Blacks Don’t Need An Outside Trigger To Fight

Blacks Don’t Need An Outside Trigger To Fight If there’s no trigger, they’ll create one, then blame the trigger and the person they popped, so they could experience a psychological and physical release from self and group imposed bondage. They are the trigger. To be socially acceptable, however, they need to shift responsibility to othersContinue reading “Blacks Don’t Need An Outside Trigger To Fight”


You believed in God. Then you realized God did not believe in you. That’s a death wish. Turn it around. You realized God did not believe in you. You believed in God. That’s a hope wish. Which is the route to your survival? Let’s make a deal. You don’t believe in deals. Neither does God.Continue reading “THAT’S A DEATH WISH”


IT’S ALL ABOUT THE RECIPE. The Recipe Is Everything That Matters. THE RECIPE IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS. You say you don’t want a recipe. You laugh and say we don’t need your crazy dumass recipes. You’re dismissive when you say it’s not helping us. We need help you say, and all you doContinue reading “GOD IS THE RECIPE”

The Unicorn Exists

It just wasn’t visible till now. This short expose poses serious questions and answers. ABSTRACT: It starts as a biopsy of cells from the animal du jour who is being birthed, raised on grass and eventually slaughtered to feed the rich. The biopsies are taken to cell-cultured meat labs and grown into their respective animalContinue reading “The Unicorn Exists”

Black People Suffer Too Easily

BLACK PEOPLE SUFFER TOO EASILY They don’t resist the suffering. They embrace it. Then it crushes them and they’re okay with that. They can walk with that. They need to suffer; it’s part of the human experience that they won’t deny, like other people of different cultures. Embracing it helps to heal them. They becomeContinue reading “Black People Suffer Too Easily”

Jews Run The Fastest Boycott Train In The World

Jews Notorious For Boycotting Products As Punishment That’s one way they ruin your business. One cell call. That’s all it takes to set the boycott train in motion. It’s the fastest boycott train in the world.


CHINESE ANGRY I’m getting angry Chinese faces when I’m out. Why at white people? Black Lives stealing all the attention for what matters to them only. Chinese always left out. Why always? CHINESE LIVES MATTER TOO. We all over world. Never cause trouble. Except maybe Chinese Mafia. But that’s only them. So small. We soContinue reading “CONVERSATION WITH MY CHINESE FRIEND”


BEFORE AFTER AND DURING NEXT time someone says, THE SCIENCE SAYS, tell them to show you the science. SOME CLAIM THAT USING ALL CAPS means you’re angry. For me it states a truth and as it turns out it’s convenient. But even if someone is angry, don’t they have that right? Who in the governmentContinue reading “BEFORE AFTER AND DURING”

The Occupation Of A Person

OCCUPATION OF PEOPLE When you occupy the land, you occupy all who exist on it. That’s called enslavement. You occupy the land, you occupy the people. Are there international, national and local laws prohibiting the occupation of an individual, race, ethnicity or group? Is it only land that concerns the world regarding occupation? Where doesContinue reading “The Occupation Of A Person”

Best And Worst Case Scenarios

Best And Worst Case Scenarios Politicians often say they plan for the worst and hope for the best. It’s defeatist. If you keep planning for the worst, the worst will happen just as you planned it. Why expend more energy into the worst case scenarios than planning for the best case so the worse caseContinue reading “Best And Worst Case Scenarios”

You Feelin’ Me Yet?

You feelin’ me yet? What are you afraid of all of a sudden? I might burn your father’s business to the ground because he hates white people? And even if he doesn’t, his brothers and sisters do. So I’ll make them pay for the burning deeds committed by his people? Street justice. I’m gonna getContinue reading “You Feelin’ Me Yet?”

Animalia That’s You

ANIMALIA THATSA YOU If all your actions are contingent on somebody else’s actions, then you don’t have power over yourself; they do. I get it. People look at you weird, like you’re not as good as they are, like you’re beneath them, like you’re not one of them; they reference you like you’re an alienContinue reading “Animalia That’s You”

We All Share The Intelligence Gene

We All Share The Intelligence Gene The least smart among humans are actually really smart. Really smart in many ways. Conversely, the smartest among humans are actually really ignorant. Really ignorant in many ways. Who would believe it? That’s the genius of intelligence. This assessment does not include those at either end of the intelligenceContinue reading “We All Share The Intelligence Gene”


Laughing Latinos Hey, why don’t Latinos speak Latin? Why call people from Spain, Latin? If all life started in Africa, then why don’t Puerto Rican’s look more African? If black traits are dominant, and if all life started in Africa, then why doesn’t the entire world look more African? If all life started in Africa,Continue reading “LAUGHING LATINOS”


As A Group Jews are the biggest haters on the planet. Disproportionate response is the world consensus every time someone or country or group goes against their grain or interferes with their plans short and long term, which means they as a group are in a perpetual state of Disproportionate Response (DR). The world expressesContinue reading “AS A GROUP”


Minority vs Majority Status Rich and poor are minorities in the USA. The very rich and the very poor. Worldwide, poor is the majority. Be cognizant of using the word appropriately. It doesn’t matter how most people construe the words minority vs majority. What matters is that when communicating through the written word you beContinue reading “MINORITY VS MAJORITY STATUS”


Jesus Was The Sacrificial Lamb? Or so the Christians believe. Why? Because it was written and Jesus decided to fulfill the prophecy. And God, their God, didn’t stop him. Or so the story goes. So God essentially killed a human (Jesus) by not stopping the crucifixion, like humans kill the lamb – a gift toContinue reading “JESUS WAS THE SACRIFICIAL LAMB OF WHICH GOD?”


Stop Living Like You’re Dying The media excoriated seniors, positioning them as worthless alive better for the rest dead. The excoriation infiltrated their collective psyche. Who would think prior to the pandemic that so much negativity and hatred in all sectors would be directed toward seniors? Hey, you know them. If you keep telling themContinue reading “STOP LIVING LIKE YOU’RE DYING”


The Broken Glass Of Loveships You can’t let him go is the surest sign of possessive obsessive love. Covet. Control. Can’t function without knowing. Good or bad shouldn’t matter but it does. And it sickens that which lies beneath every canvas. Addicted. You want to be loved back but you can’t feel what you wantContinue reading “THE BROKEN GLASS OF LOVESHIPS”


You might think that by observing others you learn more about yourself. In my reality, I learn more about others by observing myself. I have the same qualities as everyone else has. The difference lies in the degree of traits and how one cultivates and weeds or alters what they have to work with. WantingContinue reading “SOAR WITH YOUR REALITY”


WHO AND WHAT I AM I was born who and what I am. It’s easy for me to see everyone as equally worthy. Although I see differences more than similarities, only because they stick out more, the judging part is basically on the big differences not the little quirks that seem to bother most peopleContinue reading “WHO AND WHAT I AM”

Can You Get Vitamin D From Your Computer Or T.V.?

If radiation from the sun combines with cholesterol from the skin to form vitamin D, then why wouldn’t radiation from my computer when hitting my skin combine with the cholesterol from my skin to form vitamin D? Could I be sun-bathing while working at my computer? Multi-tasking, I like it. But where’s my tan? IContinue reading “Can You Get Vitamin D From Your Computer Or T.V.?”

I shouldn’t. I know I shouldn’t. Sound familiar?

I shouldn’t. I know I shouldn’t. Sound familiar? Why wait to learn a lesson by making a mistake? Learn it before the mistake to eliminate the suffering mistakes create. Do you like chaos that much? Flirting with fate? Throwing caution to the wind that you know full well is unpredictable? You know that going in.Continue reading “I shouldn’t. I know I shouldn’t. Sound familiar?”

It’s Reorganization Time

It’s Reorganization Time JUNE 2021 I’m reorganizing most things. And that which I don’t, will reorganize itself as it works to fit into the plan. MY PLAN. Everything changes with each drop of water and the universal effort it takes to evaporate it. Recycling is the official name. Everything changes and from it everything fromContinue reading “It’s Reorganization Time”

Their Nostrils Were The Same

Their nostrils were the same, When they tilted their heads back, Which means they had been altered. Otherwise they wouldn’t be identical. That’s the ‘tell’ and the ‘rub’. It’s the best poetry/prose I can put out for now, Given the severity of the gestures. SL

‘Pick On Someone Your Own Size’ Netanyahu, somebody with a military at least

Originally posted on SHARON ON THE NEWS™ :
Jews Living On Stolen Palestinian Land RE: ‘Democrats back off demand that Biden delay U.S. arms sale to Israel’ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 18 May 2021 Democrat President Biden and his apartheid-supporting spineless Democrats decide to sell even more arms to the Jews to decimate the Palestinians on their…

The Best Strike

I can hear pen on paper. The pen speaks as it blooms. Night blooming dandelions have a purpose. Do dandelions close at night, or are they open 24/7? Did I mean Jasmine? Night blooming Jasmine? Does it matter? Why do I capitalize Jasmine? What’s with Jasmine? I don’t know, it doesn’t feel right. Can youContinue reading “The Best Strike”

Mother Nature, Where’s Dad?

Is earth really a single parent home? Animals are part of nature. Since humans are animals, then humans are part of nature too. What’s all this ‘mother’ talk, like mother nature, the queen of all nature takes care of it all? Where’s the father in all this? What are his jobs? Frankly, I think afterContinue reading “Mother Nature, Where’s Dad?”

Jews Arabs And Hate

I never heard of an Arab calling anybody anti-Semitic. Yet, they’re Semitic. Jews do it all the time. Say anything about a Jew and they’re all over the media using all their contacts to name-call the person who dared speak of them, anti-Semitic. They ruin their businesses over it. Yet, Semitic includes both Arab andContinue reading “Jews Arabs And Hate”

Keeping The Hate Alive

KEEPING THE HATE ALIVE When parents don’t want their children to forget, it’s to make sure they keep taking revenge on their behalf long after their parents are gone. Through their children they do that. They exploit their own babies forcing their hate onto them, so they can die in peace knowing their hate willContinue reading “Keeping The Hate Alive”

It Takes Two

The cycle of prejudice moves from one group to another never solving the problem, just moving it. Revenge is what’s on everybody’s mind, not growth and progress. Prejudice doesn’t happen in a vacuum without willing participants at some level of engagement. I’ve seen it happen in affordable housing. Management begins to take liberties for theirContinue reading “It Takes Two”

Wake Up The Planet Ep. 20

ONE RECIPE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD This recipe was developed for all the Jews who don’t want chopped liver, in gratitude for all the animal-free products they produce and manufacture in the USA. IT AIN’T CHOPPED LIVER A soy based pate that tastes like goose liver without the liver aftertaste and without the cruelty. SeeContinue reading “Wake Up The Planet Ep. 20”

Wake Up The Planet Ep. 19

What’s for supper did somebody ask? Slaughterhouses become new dumping grounds for undesirables. It was only a matter of time before someone discovered, that when you do that which would enrage even the most vicious among us, and protect those acts from view by wrapping houses of slaughter in barbed wire, using only the most sophisticatedContinue reading “Wake Up The Planet Ep. 19”

Wake Up The Planet Ep. 18

Firstly, who would have thought that people could be so devious in looking for loopholes to support such brutal and barbaric acts, then call them humane, and be so convincing that others see the humanity in them–simply to get away with murder? Obviously, not the one who wrote the law. But, secondly, and upon closerContinue reading “Wake Up The Planet Ep. 18”

Wake Up The Planet Ep. 17

Animals the forbidden fruit. You can eat anything in my garden, but the animals. Those you must never touch. If you eat my animals, you will be banished from my garden forever–to live a life of ill-health, toil and shame. Not as punishment, but as a result of self-destruction. When you destroy the animal, you destroyContinue reading “Wake Up The Planet Ep. 17”

Wake Up The Planet Ep. 16

Associated Press: 1-15-02 Germany to Allow Animals’ Slaughter. Summary of news article: plus research: Muslims and Jews have their own ritualistic ways of killing animals, making them fit for their consumption, according to their religious rules and regulations. The nation of Germany has its own rules and regulations. Germany requires that the animal be stunnedContinue reading “Wake Up The Planet Ep. 16”

Wake Up The Planet Ep. 15

Five principles to a better life. The Jews and Arabs often accuse me of ignoring history, which to me is nothing more than an interpretation of questionable focus on certain events, real or perceived. Why would I need to know the opinions and state of affairs of every detail of the  lives of my parents, brothers,Continue reading “Wake Up The Planet Ep. 15”