CHAOS | CALM THE WALL Warm greens, more crystal than moss-like surround me with promises of days freshened by new life (because there must be new life if we are to survive) born from new ideas as window sills turn to marble, black and navy blue sparkles with smooth glass-like scents of velvet gray skin, waiting, always…Read more »

Investment Advice

Jews are NOT MEEK. They pretend to be meek in order to take from you what they want. Nobody has to worry that the JEWS or any other form of the human species will inherit the earth. That’s a given. Invest in plants. Ideologies, politics, religions do not rule. Plants rule. Molecules and atoms take…Read more »

TOFB (Tofutti Brands, Inc.)

TOFB (Tofutti Brands, Inc.) I bought in at 2.10$ per share on 08-02-2017 COMPANY PROFILE: Tofutti Brands Inc. is engaged in the development, production and marketing of TOFUTTI brand non-dairy frozen desserts and other food products. TOFUTTI products are soy-based, non-dairy products, which contain no butterfat, cholesterol or lactose. The Company operates through the segment of…Read more »


You can hide your hysteria. I know you can, because you did it before. Nobody can work with a person in hysterics. Fire in a theatre. Bomb on a plane. Screaming I’m going to die in an elevator containing twelve people, stuck between floors. Yes, it is the same thing – what talking heads are…Read more »

I’m Cree

Cree, when I asked I was told through a physical medium – scrabble tiles I used during my rehabilitation from a toxic brain injury caused by toxic molds. I wasn’t too pleased with that, considering their hunting nature, but then all Indians share that nature. I still don’t like it. Canadian. On my Grandfather’s side.…Read more »


Create connotes willy-nilly. There’s nothing willy-nilly about my process. I engineer everything I do – the entire recipe developing process is engineered. I don’t cross my fingers, take a deep breath or hold my breath, pray, hope, wish or hand it over to the universe. I take control at every juncture. I don’t try something…Read more »